Winter Blues.

Winter’s chill has set in deep,
A blanket of sadness to keep,
The days are short and the nights long,
A never-ending melancholy song.

The trees are bare, the grass is dead,
A world of white, so stark and led,
The sun is hidden behind the clouds,
A mood of boredom, that never shrouds.

The warmth of summer, a distant dream,
A memory, as fleeting as a beam,
The cold wind bites, the snowflakes swirl,
A heart that’s heavy, a mind that’s unfurled.

But though the winter may seem grim,
And the days may be dark and dim,
There is hope in the new year’s dawn,
And the promise of spring, to come along.

So let us embrace the winter’s chill,
And find the beauty, if we will,
For though the sadness may linger on,
It will soon be gone, and a new day will be born.


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