Kicking The Can Down The Road .

In the grand arena of life, there exists a unique sport that requires neither athleticism nor coordination. It's a game that resonates with the procrastinator in all of us—the art of "Kicking the Can Down the Road." This highly underrated and surprisingly entertaining pastime has been embraced by generations of individuals who prefer to delay... Continue Reading →

How to be mindful.

The world is getting complex day by day and solutions/problems getting complex despite artificial intelligence , machine learning and extremely fast data analytics . Despite huge progress to address the wellbeing of humankind in present times ,suffering as if remains permanent human condition at least since human race ascended from apes, i e all is... Continue Reading →

Myth from mystical region.

Evolving as individuals and communities, Human imagination and power of perception evolves, Experience and learning of individual and societies do not follow linear path, A phase comes of upward movement and of downwards too Eternal truth conveyed through myth,parable,allegory and metaphor, But old outdated model do not always invigorate, Myths comes from mystical region of... Continue Reading →

Material Bond.

Material bonds being untied as gravitate toward last halt before final destination Not concerned about settling matters of this world, Which are mix of fit of fiction, illusions, Alongwith conceived/perceived debts as if one had no stake , Soulless body can be cremated in whichever way, Some angels will surely wing to my side ,... Continue Reading →

Equality perspective.

Equality perspective. In present era ,there is great awakening about human rights and equal opportunities for all ,many countries have enacted laws and their judiciary are empowered to ensure that right to equality is enforced/implemented in proper spirit. Yet things are not so easy and fraught with inherent bias and in name of ensuring equality... Continue Reading →

All the faculties lost.

All the faculties lost, in the maze of indifference, that s surrounding,it was different earlier, now the difference is apparent, that s listlessness,it no more belongs to me, once it used to reciprocate, and the callings resonated, as if flower,leaves,tree and ambiance all were in chorus, a rhythm full of love and jest, full of... Continue Reading →

Seeds of culture.

Culture is although huge important aspect in the success of an organisation yet at the start of an organisation it is not much delved upon , reason to this can we attributed to more pressing issues of that time i. e like arranging finances ,finding project ,/products, technology and obtaining all clearances. Once an organisation... Continue Reading →

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

Self Realization.

A word used  most enigmatically  in motivation/spirituality  ,with regard to explaining and satisfying purpose in this mundane life. Attaining  ones potential after stretching it wide along with inherent possibilities ,the capability is stabilized to derive the variance and putting efforts to reach near that  mean to avail maximum comfort of satisfied self so that it... Continue Reading →

How to understand reality.

Really what is underlying themes and dimensions are not that easy to decipher and it may never hardly be understood to be acted upon.All words and phrases are vibrant in surrounding,yet to realize  something deeply to shape them as ones guidelines happens not with ease. First of all we need to ponder what is reality-... Continue Reading →

They have no words.

Many times words are word literally If it was about mere consciousness it is in many species apart from human but they have no words to explain to self to explain to others to link to past to visualize in fantasy It cause the differentials which is not merely spontaneous but addictive to particular sort... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →


No light of own just reflect others light transmute scorching light/heat in luminous glow Yet there are dark holes they suck all light And reflect darkness only many down here as if survive by sucking on others happiness they have none a ghastly mad by observing strange those creatures relishing life with nothing to please... Continue Reading →

The Swirling Aria.

The tedious path/journey is to be traversed/trudged along with its usual ups and lows ,a aria of ones individual theme again appears and subdues with its own rhythm to pull back or put steam into ones being. The opera of life unfolds and continue with its own sense of direction ,as if it is both... Continue Reading →

Dark alleys in Sleeping city.

The tiredness settled deep with ruthless pursuit of accomplishing the mission of passing each and every day with lacking all capacity to view the sunshine/moonlight unadulterated ,all vision got blurred with level of pollution  going so high that finding originality akin to finding Nirvana. The city pouring on road ,thronging makeshift structures providing eatables ,many... Continue Reading →

More than Alone – Lonely.

Its a new phenomenon that human being despite among huge crowd feels lonely,what a anomaly,yet much relevant in present modern era. With more and more people globally living in cities ,around 60 to 70 percent world population may be urban and this urbanization is further catching up in developing countries.Agriculture which was largest employer earlier... Continue Reading →

Random behavior.

Any being having consciousness is absolutely prone to random behavior.Machines which are having intelligence but yet away from consciousness are supposed to perform statically. Consciousness is product of energy ,and even machines when deprived of stable energy tend to perform erratically with increased wear and tear,that could be subtle aspect of primary seeds of consciousness.... Continue Reading →

Empirical and Philosophical discourse.

Empirical/scientific knowledge has potential to transform whole society/state and can cause widespread better amenities to life thereby improving living standards and empowering common man.In ancient times the seed of human progress was laid by philosophical discourses in Greece,Eastern civilization. yet it appears strange that some part of world,who were forefront in philosophical discourse long back... Continue Reading →

Mutually Supportive Alliance.

Rather than wandering in abstraction in finding exclusive,immaculate feeling of that elusive feeling/bonding .People succeed ,who adhere to more practical and definite route in get social traction rather than immersing in that isolation with hunting to capture that evading bonding that only as if belongs to be ethereal. May be real in that sphere but... Continue Reading →

Themes may be limited -But dimensions are unlimited.

In this astral existence ,everything is said to be interminable.Neither origin is known nor end could be contemplated and there is no limit or unlimited diversities. As if similarities are in limited vogue ,and differences are pervasive-be in appearance,voice,nature o of humankind.Despite belonging to same genre ,no two constituents are similar entirely,their basic frame,ingredient to... Continue Reading →

Scarcity Mentality.

Is was permeated in all surroundings that things are too limited in supply,they are to be hoarded ,used on some events and limited invitations /functions around. The whole generations of our society as if rooted in feeling of scarcity,of resources,opportunities and scarcity of events ,opportunities to express and acute scarcity of certainty ,if one collapse... Continue Reading →

Hunting expedition for scapegoats.

Earlier era hunting expedition in wildlife are gone,rather now people visits wildlife sanctuaries to watch those creatures in their natural flows,who use to be easy scapegoats in earlier feudal times for mighty beings.Times have changed and people are got empowered to get heavy and feel that mightiness that was available in limited domain earlier. Further ,avenues to... Continue Reading →

F O M O [Fear Of Missing Out]

In the age of continuous competition exacerbated by digital media ,many people are as if living under perennial feverish state of Missed Out or Gradually Missing Out ,despite all yet seems to lagging behind ,gulf/gap widening and no culvert seems visible to emancipate this murmuring dangling in senses/conscience. It is jealousy at one end and... Continue Reading →

Affluenza .

The task of surviving prosperity is much difficult and fraught with direct and indirect consequences and costs. The humans are more adept in surviving adversity and various form of fine traditions prevail to ditch adversity onslaughts. It is like comparing that human are more tilted to survive in negativity  and always seek and strive for... Continue Reading →

Conservatives and Liberals.

Usually in a responsive political set-up ,there are two major camps vying for the crown of thrones to serve the people and pull them along with nation out of that impending chaos. The camps are given identity based upon suitable tag suiting them,but to a large extent,these mainstream camps have much in common,the basic difference... Continue Reading →

Anchor of faith.

Life remains volatile , swinging violently  from one extreme to other and even the nights meant  for being switch-off from real/virtual world to recharge gets absolutely unable to provide an iota of comfort.the body may be  lying on bed. yet self,mind continuously generating and drowned in that cobweb of chaos and discomfort that when the ... Continue Reading →

Trivialities engulfing future.

Turning non-issues into big issues,a small issue or a individual case being turned into a metaphor for reality is fraught with implications beyond apprehension. Suppose some one has to be elected to a post where policy forming is core task then individuals personnel life or some past boasting is rather insignificant further what is being... Continue Reading →

Systems and subsystems.

Every system has many subsystems within ,so that it achieve irs tasks.And the system is sum total of its sub systems. A system consist of various complex activities,and it has multiple facets/dimensions and to be successful ,its necessary that all parts{subsystems} perform properly . Various sub systems joined together to form a larger system to... Continue Reading →

Spiritual ideology.

It is devoid of ideology ,as it is path towards self fulfillment and contentment ,a journey toward  understanding self and ones relations and co-relations to other living and non-living being .To make ones mind free of crowd so as to view in entirety the causes and consequences of events and impacts on one thereby to gain indifference to differences and... Continue Reading →

Limited space.

      The space is boundless and even Earth is quite vast with huge depth and unlimited bounty regularly en shinning endowing ,soil in itself  enrich with all enrichment what ones ingenuity can perceive. Yet sometime it appears that human being individually and collectively desires/wishes so much space that accommodating all becomes impossible and starts scramble and grabbing to... Continue Reading →

The science of politics.

The discipline of politics is studied in universities tagged as political science,recently with spate of upheavals all around and hitherto unknown circumstances/environment prevailing leading to great uncertainty about the future course of world in many spheres.  Now to a layman after deep pondering appears something about politics went wrong,attempted in hubris for self preservation etc leading to chaos. What... Continue Reading →

Domestic Terror.

Peculiar sort of domestic equations have remained prevalent ,changing with generations,different patterns in different cultures etc. In some parts emphasis was more on brotherly relations ,joint family ,such system might have devised at that time to ensure ones safety and preservation in anarchic world,further armed with social sanctions a sense of security that prevailed and created by such... Continue Reading →

Crude comments may not always be that crude.

Some are more outspoken and are more open to dwell  in any territory and basically may have inclinations towards seeking/pronouncing out rightly rigid often crude solutions.  When the binge continues, the flow of comments pour/flow in any direction whether relevant or not and whether they address the issue which one wish to address. But basically sometimes they... Continue Reading →

International Politics.

As usual the international politics is mired in mis-trust among nations and unwillingness to leave narrow concerns /desire to dominate international causes rather than to tackle them on basis of genuine consensus. Further international politics are much governed/effected by domestic politics and often to tackle domestic issues and to divert attention of masses from real... Continue Reading →

Computer devoid age.

Recently chief executive of leading M N C [multi national corporation]has stated that he see that in future the present era devices may disappear and technology may become personal assistant to individual ,always with one.   While it appears that as personal assistant tech may help immensely to humans to improve their relations,what happens is that men... Continue Reading →

Cold war.

As if conflicts are given/created of different hues ,to fill the basic need of creating somewhat confusion and bolstering self supremacy by demeaning others views/concerns,which may usually be not always be much relevant,after all a particular style of activity/governance etc cant be enforced unilaterally ,may be due to different level of traditions/culture and prevailing long... Continue Reading →

The resolute Tree.

Standing in Sunshine/Moonlight watching blowing desperate wind with wayward motivations ,it sometimes as if just want to ruffle the surface and many times carries mist,cold or scorching heat  to impact miserably all that comes in its contact ,it also blows with intangibles in its offing raising nostalgia,sadness,happiness with small /scents of intangibles that hurts/haunts intangibles lying in its range ,the grand... Continue Reading →

Artificial natural intelligence.

To make world heaven ,human intelligence alone cant tackle all issues,a spacecraft is sent to Moon and communication with that spacecraft from earth probably riding on waves of lights etc is made feasible ,but it at first instance looks strange that the controlling infra at earth and systems at spacecraft can ensure informations/communication on track between them,some hackers... Continue Reading →

Changing multiple climates.

Climate change is issue of most significance ,which may cause innumerable hardships to humanity ,and may lead to inviting disasters. Further many other significant changes lies in horizon,as evident from global present and future demographic patterns with social parameters. Some parts of world may start to experience shortage of labor with high expenses on pensions etc ,wheres in... Continue Reading →

Design thinking.

Design thinking include the ability to multi sense ,to see patterns which are not so obvious to others and the ability to create something which can potentially change the very behaviour of people and, in a sense create the future.The direction is to judged and ,the flows are to be seen ,where they are attempting to flow or where... Continue Reading →

Broken window tendency.

Generally it happens that ,if one leave car or a house with a broken window ,it soon attracts other to completely vandalize it. As if man does not wish to help others much,its some scoring points or compulsion of law,society etc that lead to some action.The societies with more broken binding ,without much cohesion causes more... Continue Reading →

Those golden moments shaped the life.

Those golden moment when in the care of tall/loving personality provided perfect peace and tranquility under that shinning tall figure ,who was never confused in his faith,and daily rises and sets in the same shinning glory,the remembrance of such golden peace and beauty of those wonderful moments shape present and future,more so if life has not got nice breaks,relaxations etc to... Continue Reading →

A sacred mandate.

The man begin journey with assumption of having a sacred mandate to assume charge of ones life and wander in all territoies with impunity.The man gets all function set in biological seed/clock ,but to get actions in right direction and desired impact and result all become subjective. Man is surrounded/impacted by innumerable things,the basic faith... Continue Reading →

The superior species.

All the living being on earth are endowed with different level of senses,life is given to different living being in different varieties. Some could only smell.some feel,some analyse etc ,the meaning of existence is different to different species,some exists only to eat,smell nothing special after all one can only wander in range of his domain,for... Continue Reading →

When headlines become synonymous with Hysteria

In some heightened situation/circumstances ,some public figures and their deeds /movement/action becomes the star attraction of masses and even their subtle nuances are highlighted in headlines and deeply discussed and debated. sometimes the circumstances catches the eye of the public ,may be grave or just marketed and but the general folk psyche  is draped in it.-the war... Continue Reading →

History is written by winners

Societies and nations have so far sought novel acknowledgement from history, either by re enforcing it, or by analyzing it and then claiming to remove all those hurdles/obstacles that have caused its derailment and precluded the present societies from achieving the ideal/perfect state. The element /theory of cleansing the errors/distractions again gives rise to newer sort of crisis and tends to... Continue Reading →

Transition OF The Mantle…

its the reality that the reins of all earthy matters are passed from one generation to other,the present democratic system usually does not allow ones heir,but the grooming  of the alternative by the society and the person at the helm can go in long way toward smooth and better transition. the democratic system should normally produce good... Continue Reading →

Exploring Ones Instinct..

to get hold of and understand ones instinct is somewhat possible,but the real trouble is that ,there are to many internal and external blocks ,which do not allow the instinct be somewhat controlled in better direction. more so the real issue is to put a terrific fight,such determination lacked in most people,for example-one is indulging... Continue Reading →

whether specific climate impacted cultural development…

its not entirely specific,yet if one analyse the different traditions/culture developed earlier in some part of globe,prior to its export from one part to another,the impact of climate also looked somewhat relevant. the colder part of globe needed beverages for their survival,therefore the culture in these parts was more acceptable to it,the parts with low... Continue Reading →

Culture of cultivated dissatisfaction

it appears that the foundation of humanity is much based on cultivated dissatisfaction,either inadvertently or else. a large business opportunities are drawn by creating and let realizing the customar  about his cultivated dissatisfaction,the all human has some sort of troubles in life,its the ability of Godman to cultivate dissatisfaction in the mind of his pupils ,so that his business... Continue Reading →

Mainstream the streams may flow in different direction

The streams are many and usually all the stream have their beauty and uniqueness  but joining the mainstream or aligning with it is usually considered essential.sometimes the mainstream tries to kill other streams or want that other stream loses their identity and fully immersed in them.but sometimes it may be that the mainstream may be defective... Continue Reading →

Every one is hardly rationale in own sense,

The God man  is rational ,because he is hardcore businessman ,who knows from where his money is coming from,the believer is also rational ,because he is using his rationale to negotiate with his insecurity. when the flow of feeling,emotion,frustration,desperation,helplessness ,frenzy and burden of history all mounts on one head,then the distinction between what is rational and... Continue Reading →

Light create Shadow.

its the light ,when it flash  on some tangible thing the shadow is caused,and if the tangible thing is large enough,then it becomes darkness for ordinary human,termed as night. the darkness is human is shadow of some past real or imaginary events ,the fear etc,when the light of hope and perpetuity  cease to pierce ones mind ,and the... Continue Reading →


the passions are essential to lead a fulfilling life,its give the energy and keeps one busy enough to not dwell around nasty thoughts. but the human in its life not able to always pursue the healthy passions,the human carries a lot of weight of childhood,the traditions,the customs,the parents,the society etc. the root cause of all... Continue Reading →

the fragile human roots.

one does not arrive on the earth to preserve its roots,like tree's has roots and it is the base on which it grows/survive/flourish etc,it takes much of its supplement from its roots. whereas human does not have any attached roots,and from the initial surrounding it learn the basic language to express. the human has organised system of... Continue Reading →

facts and/as fiction

if the fiction has been the facts ,the heaven could be replicated on the earth and the meaning of WORD problem has been non-existent.the reduction of gap between facts and fiction has been the effort of mankind since inception band many scholars has provided/invented guidelines ,on following the same it was guaranteed that that the fiction will come alive.but... Continue Reading →

Journey of civilization

The journey of civilization, from primitive to civilized, is shrouded in mystery. The growth in means, the growth in reach, the technological evolution, all adding to the civilization. Being more civilized, the primitive/nomadic life, resembling of animals, now the humans. Becoming more sophisticated, and more nearing to the notion of the heavens, being brought on earth.... Continue Reading →

collective unconsciousness

as if there is need for evolving a smart machine which can examine the different opposite concepts prevalent about same thing in different part of world and evaluate appropriateness in the order of merit,or can provide appropriate yardsticks which is available to all. the age old concepts are prevelent ,but no body questions its rationale... Continue Reading →

The basic error.

Earlier it was presumed that human life is only platform through which one can transcend into heaven/divinity and that human life is rare it has been accrued after long transformation in hell and getting transmuted through different form and shape of life,but as if human had created such a hell for humanity that all species... Continue Reading →

The natural instinctive game has been made complicated by

The natural instinct for human is recognised by the psychologist and the hierarchy of natural instinct has been devised ,the basic requirement of human are its most natural instinct , that very stage and definition may be undergoing much modification today,the market researcers are creating varied needs for human and offering solution at price of money and... Continue Reading →

Entire human culture has its root in loneliness.

As the human incarnated on the earth ,they found themselves lonely with various hidden and explicit instinct.,and with the in built process of wayward thoughts moving/rotating adding/fueling to the feeling of loneliness leading to fear that one even does not belong to oneself. each individual life is a journey,a unique story of struggle against loneliness and... Continue Reading →

aggression plus feminism/ feminism plus aggression

the clipping of newspapers beyond boundaries are beyond acceptance,the history and the natural tendency which has led  to feel safe and secure in others hands is slow poison when one is fully competent to protect ones interest, there is no need to remain in the subservience of other gender,the need to assert and claim the due status,the sheer desire to attract other one and... Continue Reading →

Perpetuating the biases

1.sometimes biases are created deliberately,sometime inadvertently, the ruling class,the politician,the person in power with aim to perpetuate their power/dominance tends to divide the general folk,and in the name of extinguishing earlier biases many times promote them,creates newer ones. 2.the humans since start are concerned about survival and to ensures ones survival,the principle of equity/equality and... Continue Reading →

Earth to grow

One day the technology would need to be developed to earth itself make grow ,as the human needs growth not saturation,every thing need to grow be it population, food grain,buildings,metals,energy,oil.,but sometime it looks odd as the earth cant grow, how far the buildings can expand,the metals,oil,water,food etc may have limit and despite humans greed to grow... Continue Reading →

The way one travels/drive

Much could be inferred from the way one drives on road,and the general driving culture at road could be used to analyse the particular society ,in some part of world the casualties are higher but despite occasional hue and cry nothing concrete is done the traffic reflects history ,social processes and cultural one of societies... Continue Reading →


innovators are those who see what everyone see ,but think of what no one else thinks innovators are one who refuse status quo and their convert inspiration into solution and ideas into product.the innovators are breeded in a congenial environment ,a distinct culture , the primitive culture where one is hardly allowed to think beyond the one existing in... Continue Reading →

corruption -way of survival

in the developing world the corruption is eating away all the growth,and the older civilisation where the life is stagnant  to the values/beliefs of a particular time and where the feudalism has been the accepted norm since the development of particular society, in certain societies the birth is everything that to a large extent decide ones future,and where... Continue Reading →

Privacy matters.

The privacy is becoming  increasing elusive and complicated issue in our modern life ,the privacy could be termed as-the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people and the state of being free from public it is under attack from all quarters -social media,printing press,net and other communication means. Yet earlier the privacy of... Continue Reading →

The cult.

Too many self proclaimed leaders propagating their recipe ,as the people are free,bored,lacking enthusiasm and the opportunities for the employment is low,further it is exported to other countries where the consumption is  more and has reached a limit where pushing up consumption yielding negative results ,these also tend to seek newer avenue for push,becomes easy customers of cult waiting... Continue Reading →

The tribes

The man has needs ,the primary one are same in all and in the primal days when to meet them was the sole concern the human being formed tribes to focus  on their pursuit to meet the primary needs. The groups were easy to move faster ,to change location where the more greener pastures are... Continue Reading →

A common thread.

All suffer,it could become biggest common thread and for its control ,human making efforts since start of civilization and at least partially been able to devise some recurring events ,functions,festivals and social structures which to masses provide at least few moments of joy,togetherness with bitterness sidelined. Fear is supposed to be another big common thread to joint many... Continue Reading →

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