Proactive preventive approach.

One need to have a proactive preventive approach to address problems or challenges. While the term "whack-a-mole" often implies a reactive approach, where issues are dealt with as they arise, a proactive preventive approach aims to anticipate and mitigate problems before they occur or escalate. In a proactive preventive approach, emphasis is placed on identifying... Continue Reading →

Winter Blues.

Winter's chill has set in deep,A blanket of sadness to keep,The days are short and the nights long,A never-ending melancholy song. The trees are bare, the grass is dead,A world of white, so stark and led,The sun is hidden behind the clouds,A mood of boredom, that never shrouds. The warmth of summer, a distant dream,A... Continue Reading →

Kicking The Can Down The Road .

In the grand arena of life, there exists a unique sport that requires neither athleticism nor coordination. It's a game that resonates with the procrastinator in all of us—the art of "Kicking the Can Down the Road." This highly underrated and surprisingly entertaining pastime has been embraced by generations of individuals who prefer to delay... Continue Reading →

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