Winter Blues.

Winter's chill has set in deep,A blanket of sadness to keep,The days are short and the nights long,A never-ending melancholy song. The trees are bare, the grass is dead,A world of white, so stark and led,The sun is hidden behind the clouds,A mood of boredom, that never shrouds. The warmth of summer, a distant dream,A... Continue Reading →

Always pondering others reaction .

Some people with default thought process always while interacting with others constantly generating undue thoughts about other person reactions and tend to speak next sentence expressions tuned to default mode constant evaluating others reaction, one may justify it as attempt to preserve self and not to hurt other and generate positive impression , but usually... Continue Reading →

Auction Of Emotions .

The ground wasn't fertile , with scorched patches in abundance , As if all was mess inside , with abundant physical weakness added to mental ones , With guards never facilitating smooth ploughing , engrossed in their labyrinth , Yet time moved , dull albeit spring knocked superseding whatever happened/impacted , Caught/got attention of auctioneer... Continue Reading →

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