Bare minimum toxicity in human behavior.

The world is full of toxic person, albeit may vary in degree and further with effective defense mechanism inherent in modern era human being , that allows to obviate tags on them for which otherwise they ae fully entitled.

Now consider misery of man who is somewhat devoid to some extent with toxicity in his behavior , that is in contrast to modern times prevalence , such persons are considered to be fool and barbs and insinuation in each sentence uttered and written has different realm then what one is speaking in conversation to align with topic with hidden spheres.

As if all trying to extract from other many hidden meaning and to evaluate and analysis impression for further course of conversations , one who do not response to hidden meanings in conversations get constantly bombarded with malice and attempts to weaken his personality, defense mechanism and get shrouded in loneliness and all these things hurt such person deeply and start losing confidence and aloofness with some tense.

As if nowadays veiled attacks are inherent in all conversation and person not accustomed to understand and react properly get drowned gradually , therefore constant vigilance and attacking and defending self with perfect alertness makes person smart and successful.

Therefore as if one need to learn to not be termed as gullible and not get impressed by delicate appearance and surroundings , and awakened for what to speak where and how to reply sweet conversation with toxicity embedded in it , therefore need to be vigilant and develop IQ to access and retaliate in such way that what others were pleasantly saying to disturb your calm is effectively countered by ones arsenal. And gradually one will get assimilated in groups playing to enjoy and fulfil their benefits and spoils others pathways in dubious and ingenious ways.

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