Wallowing in self pity.

One has to be confident and somewhat adamant of self worth , it is not analogous to hubris , rather shinning with self worth.

Conditions in journey and baggage carried forward since incarnation as a package of incarnation , all these combined make one scapegoat of wolf wandering around emitting venom. And with all these blessing one start to willow in self pity and become miserable and ones potential lost apart from it ones personal life becomes horrific , devoid of charm , enthusiasm , which lead to faster decay of physical and spiritual well being , and moving around with such huge compounded baggage becomes herculean task , and winding -up of each day anyhow becomes sole object , but gradually that to got deprived with winding-up of night becomes tedious task and at this stage it appears that situation has gone beyond salvation.

Beginning from any corner of life determined not to wallow in self pity by understanding the vicious cycle which led one to get entangled in such misfortune , and understanding that now time of radical change has come and past debris to be buried .

Great financial/career rising etc alone cant determine ones worth , when one reflect ones worth in his eyes and demeaner than with such satisfaction in his domain of being, performing ,living starts to make immense worth and one start to willow in self worth, confidence and happiness.

Has nothing much of activity , with burden of onerous night could not be allowed to drag toward self pity , rather sit on laptop and start expressing any damn thing that prompts in mind.


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