Winter Blues.

Winter's chill has set in deep,A blanket of sadness to keep,The days are short and the nights long,A never-ending melancholy song. The trees are bare, the grass is dead,A world of white, so stark and led,The sun is hidden behind the clouds,A mood of boredom, that never shrouds. The warmth of summer, a distant dream,A... Continue Reading →


Usually drifting wayward , Without direction , Just flowing in with tides , Stillness is eluding , in low or high currents , And may sometimes crop out forth that force , That pulls /exert its power , To drew toward its center , Caught in its mesh , Get continuously pulled toward that point... Continue Reading →

Auction Of Emotions .

The ground wasn't fertile , with scorched patches in abundance , As if all was mess inside , with abundant physical weakness added to mental ones , With guards never facilitating smooth ploughing , engrossed in their labyrinth , Yet time moved , dull albeit spring knocked superseding whatever happened/impacted , Caught/got attention of auctioneer... Continue Reading →


A mannequin standing in competitive world, To attract attention, To draw engagement, in world of competition, surrounded by bright lights, and fellow mannequin, Always attentive to, Always exploding sparkles, cherished by its creators, to lure consumers, long working hours, And hardly any break, all holidays attracting more nd more footfalls, environment vivacious, music,gossips,ranting, chirping,giggling crowd,... Continue Reading →

Reality of one and all

One is shaking , not the surrounding , It appears to one that everything shaking , But it is reality to one only , not reality of masses , They perceive according to whirlpool surrounding them , Why am one shaking , The internal mechanism deteriorating , Outside pressures hitting hard , What makes one... Continue Reading →

As end draws closer.

As end draws closer, it appears to be setting of dusk, black night looming ahead, And old hidden thoughts started surfacing again, with its vibrant color ruined by white...white....white. the evaluations starts, All devil got loosened with hidden gems trying to cast shadow to ruin peaceful departure, What to carry with and get enveloped in... Continue Reading →


After months of quiet ,calm sleep, added by sedatives and modern mood enhancers, forgetting all quaint and curios lore , It turned out to be dreary midnight, descending from heaven to hell, Suddenly tapping and rapping around me at hoary midnight, after months of plain sleep added by anti anxiety etc dispeller, claiming to be... Continue Reading →

Dilemma Of Seedling.

As the seedling started transforming amazed in surrounding, Yet far from being sapling, Found many roads diverged in horizon, And sorry, he couldn't travel all as being one traveler confused, Yet pondered the undergrowth , But the fate lies elsewhere the many options stalking seedling to grasp as appeared to be grassy and deserving wear.... Continue Reading →


It isn't burnout, it isn't depression, Just joyless and aimless, Languishing, Stagnation and emptiness Piercing through foggy windshield, From low to flourishing, Pondering peak of well being, To be out from valley of despondency,drained, worthless, ill-being , Getting a sense of meaninglessness, Void between low and flourishing and just languishing, Functioning at low capacity ,no... Continue Reading →

Reciprocal Responses.

Responses may be reciprocal or may not be so, A childish jubilance propel one to share hearing or reading interesting things, But it looks awkward to child to find their responses muted or lukewarm, As if for them matter matters or not,that is not easily divulged, Child fantasized things fast and gets upset on slight... Continue Reading →

Sniffing Motives.

As if , Nobody believe anybody, All are skeptical All are cautious, Sniffing motives, Weighing prospects, Dissecting interaction, Topics and tongue going wayward,. At roundtable in restaurant, Attracting the vulnerable, By natural charm polished, Something struck between two beings, A wide barren land inside, Deep hidden desires awakening, And benefits appearing to outweigh costs, And... Continue Reading →

How to remain sane.

Everyone consumed in own grief, With distancing of social, No personnel contact to loved one, Prolonged ,complicated trajectory of grief, How to remain sane, Emerging from darkness with least scars, Second wave is like an ocean full of grief, Some struggling with anticipatory grief worrying about loved ones, Trying conflicting opinions in small doses to... Continue Reading →

The great gloating.

Millions are glued on TV, When Gates are locked, Avoiding indignation to permeates, Watching someone experience misfortune, Starting a process of comparing with that of standing, Near to equivalent, Or heavenly perception of luxury, Dissecting education, status, possession etc, Success in material is be-all-end-all, Triggering the gloat factor, Anything that triggers dopamine, A chemical responsible... Continue Reading →

Sophisticated Animals.

They have no qualm of being animal, Neither are shy of being called same, For them nothing insignificant echo for centuries, For then nothing significant fall silent in short span, Nor to blame for anxieties, Nor to blame for follies, Not to bother for outdated administrative systems, Not to nourish knowledge elite, No fact lies... Continue Reading →

The Second Coming.

All that is going on, Looks full of pleasure,. Colors of duality, As if,One and the same things,. Despite nomenclature differs,. Yet balance tilt here and there, Nothing to discern, Gradually widening whirl, One part tries to gain singularity, Centre gets loosened and parts wobbles, The zealist full of conviction, And others drowned in dreamy... Continue Reading →

Seamless Connection s.

All being on planet, Being an independent unit, Connections not banned with other units, Yet as if some leaders required to remove distractions, And form clan,unit, group, society to organise them, And to give it a identity, Or some chemistry needed to sow the seeds, Yet it had remained volatile and fragile, Creating a subset... Continue Reading →

Without any existence.

Challenges are mounting, Weather getting rougher, Rust spreading fast and deep, Gloom descending from all corners, Surface getting shrouded by layer of dust, Surrounded by waste and awful forces of despair, All hopes buried down, Yet I am here and there,. Without any existence, Without any agenda, With tottering by rising ages, Limbs and sight... Continue Reading →

Profound Pain.

Lived with profound pain, Throughout his brief life, Never complained of it, Always conserving energy, Struggling to respond, Struggling to initiate, Struggling to defend,. Struggling to remain afloat, Avoiding and reducing, The speed of collapse, To have the solace of, Being yet in game, Albeit losing one, Occassionally dreaming, To play like normal being, Swallow... Continue Reading →


Dressing the window,albeit peripheral, rust that all was heaped, with layers and layers of dust, as was destined ,with no activity of surface, The surface cant stood against flowing air, sieve malevolence ,And lied dormant, it was lying long, now polishing appearance with mellow demeanour, with perfect composure, leaving no inkling of suspicion, neither of... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone.

Expanding the zone, zoom in on the realities, focus on purpose of life, cherishing every moment, that speeds up, embracing happening, melting and wading into uncharted territory, putting into someone else shoe, striving to extend zone of comfort ,and to find treasure, one side of same coin, the worst behind us, jostling secure and we'll... Continue Reading →

Embrace the unknown.

Unknown is inevitable, time ticking, growing older,may not wiser, Memories crafted in long journey, drowned in debris of wayward attitudes, Hardship said to taught lot, launching pad for next learning experience, The present is what matters most, right here right now, Amazing experience s or tortuous one, preparing for worst yet having faith in best,... Continue Reading →

Just Being Ourselves.

Matters mounting and multiplying, inadvertently searching newer dimensions, of implications/complications, as if concussion occurred, inundated by creepy vortex, striving for solace, having the effect alike, that someone is disarming, charming and outgoing, creating sense of calm, a charm,a will that melts whirlpool of uneasiness, providing a sense of relief, just being ourselves, neither appeasing,mollifying ,placating,... Continue Reading →

Swinging Wayward.

Stimuli flying here and there, That provokes senses, They cries for reactions, Yet reactions hardly lies in raising temper/shouting, Stimuli filled with combustible ingredients, It explodes with rising tempers, Shattering it's very base, A horse of long race, Controls actions/reactions, Avoids bruishe s /wound from traps, Traps that may be or may not be, Yet... Continue Reading →

Offhand Angel.

Cool in demeanor, indifferent,casual yet bit offensive, nonchalant halo pervading, yet resembles lacking grace, but yet cool in manner, then how it hurts, feels offensive/ungracious, The intent appears vague, The intent appears hollow, casual,frustrating,eerie, sounds frosty coolness, not colored in vivid aroma, scantly revealing calmness, hardly reveling calmness, what to gather from such angel, whats... Continue Reading →


What has changed, nothing appeared to have changed, the world around is same, yet that affinity gone, as if a malaise penetrated deep inside, no cause apparent, roots untraceable, All near and dear perplexed, pouring more succor, yet that rapport, that harmony, within and outside elusive, a decisive turn, not of destiny, but of time... Continue Reading →

Inclinations propelled by instinct.

Inclinations propelled by instincts, dub it natural or genuine, adoring on this pretext or that, Many adoring its, pristine beauty. All that prevailed for, centuries. And those centuries were shrouded by- sanctuaries of Animals, where all urges were primitive, which one cant relish in this humane world. A world that is, sometimes/somewhere sighted its traces.

Tickling Sensation.

A low level electric current, noticeable but not  aching, As if in the barren land, even oasis sink in the sand, of its own good ideas, But what, that not expected, considered buried/oblivious, raises its fury again, without waiting for final day, at its own discretion, to singe and pale, the edifice, in shambles,to its... Continue Reading →


A dull surface,lacking vibrancy, devoid of potency/vibrancy, mundane,dull,wearisome,tiresome, not knowing though, from far away,somehow, a deep twinge aroused, as if all that was buried, stored/diverted to trash, suddenly, stoked few amber, as if ash bubbled up, before cinders consigning to fate, yet twinge belatedly erupted, wasn't as intense, as may be in heydays of crater... Continue Reading →

Purposes and priorities.

Priorities... randomly falling into ditches, clutter in cabinet, or commitments in calendar, discard rubbish, at walking distance be, either relevance or convenience, if not both, That effulgence, that rapt splendor, surrounding harvest moon, It confuse refulgence, of LURKING evils, what striking menace, The moon blooming, triumphantly announcing, setting of winter, randomly and recklessly , dew... Continue Reading →

Disparate Effulgence.

The disparate desperation of spirits, wandering in labyrinth of black hole, to that other end of, effulgence of harvest moon, the far cries of disparate destitute s, preying to suck that all gleaming, that creation ,experiencing wonders, the change may appear slow,but penetrate swiftly, the track has changed, the directions changed, putting first things first,... Continue Reading →

Differences are enormous.

Differences are enormous, visible and invisible, significant or insignificant, enormous or tiny, traceable or untraceable, but there is there, unevenness,lack of smoothness, a pervasive all around, lack of compatibility, solution emerges, when all heat blaze, to turn to ashes, all visualization turn bleak, nothing provokes, nothing entice, differences turns so fragile, that all appearing same,... Continue Reading →


As if,it was doomed to implode, even traces lying in, all the beginning brightness, he ,who seen the obscurity, lying/hovering in that brightness, brightness emitting passions, yet passions lacking conformity, on uneven footing, neither surrounding/owned consensus, glances were blank, yet enough to beguile, it wasn't enough to wither, concerns were concerning, in that accompanying horizon,... Continue Reading →

The yearning for comfort.

The yearning for comfort, that all embracing comfort, which grasps completely- devoid of any discomfort. That comfort may dwell, when one in- perfect harmony with surrounding. Where all inner aspiration- lies in tranquility. All abstraction take/shape reality, outside /inside in harmony. The grouses are far off- lurking beyond zone of comfort. And reality is really... Continue Reading →

No such issue.

What is right  What is wrong no such issue only instinct that counts In the animal world   no grievances rooted deeply anywhere just responding to moments merely existing Stupor No rules,neither legality defined no guilt no guilty exists just random living with no memory to store/analyse And no concern for Meaningless Meanings.    ... Continue Reading →

That foggy light house of fate.

Said to be capable of self learning through experiences etc Yet small shreds of emotions flying free pleading for capture Hardly be doused by a theory to which prefer to stick despite knowing other theories once bitten getting out balance once bitten gaining arrogance striving to turn unpleasant to pleasant Becoming companion of self that... Continue Reading →


All on here faces multiple pressure yet for some pressures hardly subside keeps on changing faces forming different coalitions hardly subdues And experimenting tormenting wars ,chasm on multiple front A low  pressure area invites floating monstrous distractions  race to exert pressure nucleus of beings as if never allowed to get in touch with any sort... Continue Reading →


Tornado whistling loud as if got free rein thither issues/confusion calmed that nothing prevailed somewhat tornado called to fill vacuum bury many hatchet For the remnant beginning embers looks dazed sparks trembling fiercely to anoint the destruction in maze of puzzlement/momentary Enlightenment.    

Precursor to higher understanding.

In this form understanding In that form understanding understanding to evolve with changing structures with changing times Inherent constraint to understanding understanding in this form Is merely a precursor to catapult into another domain where all surprises melts TO Eventual Understanding.    

Full of constraints.

This life is full of constraint It need to interact It needs many inputs natural inputs,social inputs retrieve-store and expend energy That with a perfect balance unlike steam engine where coal burned to boil water And steam generated to move piston and machine attached ROARS ,CHUG The being consume energy to chug to move to... Continue Reading →

Existence is maintenance.

That what gains existence conscious or semi unconscious wears and tears out with culminating into system becoming redundant Till system alive needs maintenance to be vibrant,flowing maintain self well so journey goes well whatever status of path potholes/obstacles.        

Votive candles flickering in various alcoves.

Time is stick to its base,its habituality  to habit ,sticking burning the base ,yet invisible and not pronounced. One endeavouring/ relishing great hurry in pushing ahead of phases/phrases being lost in maze of strident certainty of nothingness,only recourse to some fulfilment remains in/lie in decisively moving ahead to any noticeable extent ,leaving behind a trail... Continue Reading →

Constant Discomfort.

To do agile,become agile Utopia has lost meaning leaving no problem to solve therefore no opportunities either as if utopia never works human stretching boundaries vertically and horizontally universal virtual presence widening small container/trough that holds identity Magnifying with enhanced internal impulses astride on external /electric impulses They say neither utopia nor dystonia works And... Continue Reading →

Tongue on fire.

The impulse were buried deep unknown abstractedly in labyrinthine corridors of profound thoughts sallow surface filled with clods Attempt to plow/harrow only added to debris/malise Despite gradual depredation of time some amber smoldering tempering weeds And roots of all roots yet hearts simmering And as if cant be doused or turn into ashes So order... Continue Reading →

The confusions.

One descended on scene with surrounding impassive beauties And trapped with creatures of voracious aptitude Till infancy values assigned by gullible understanding of longings/belongings with time stretching body catapulting from that microcosm of oneness To varying perceptions those toys losing relevance with indulgence with bigger ones demands goes on inflating confusion galore stalking creatures /sorcerer... Continue Reading →

This was to happen.

This was to happen It was the hell that was to be trudged before being out of it out of it Sufficient As if only hell is real with no antonyms And it is quite achievement to be out of it with no more wandering entanglements of ups and down.  

All days going to pass.

All days are going to pass Fraught with weighted stiffness or easy smooth sailing All the days are going to pass Days goes on passing and are passed without any concern of origin or end devoid of any destination From the eternal universe a drama been devolved on this tiny planet of no much consequences... Continue Reading →

They have no words.

Many times words are word literally If it was about mere consciousness it is in many species apart from human but they have no words to explain to self to explain to others to link to past to visualize in fantasy It cause the differentials which is not merely spontaneous but addictive to particular sort... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →


No light of own just reflect others light transmute scorching light/heat in luminous glow Yet there are dark holes they suck all light And reflect darkness only many down here as if survive by sucking on others happiness they have none a ghastly mad by observing strange those creatures relishing life with nothing to please... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    


Saying too much, Sensing too much, Wider are meanings, That fits in no frame, Caused by their causes, Difficult to visualize, As if remains tempered in morning, Start's becoming wider as day grows, Melting in darkness, To get reborn with renewed vengeance, Getting in tandem with moving time, Purposes doesn't lies in time, its eternal,... Continue Reading →

NO OPEN SPACE LEFT. [English Poem]

All space occupied by, Illusion,Analysis,Phobia The simmering selves, permeating smoke from wildfire, Far cries of jackal, Notorious,treacherous silence in, Setting either way, Fire in parched forests, Or camouflaging stress of distress, THAT NO OPEN SPACE LEFT,  The reach of mighty Net, The developments have developed, The erstwhile Net of hunting, Now constricting whole being, Preying... Continue Reading →

Flowing ideas.

Ideas flows at their whims, Its a design,when activated, It activated by a sense, That delve onto one, After a phase,periods of pondencies/despondency, After a lull. After a storm., Or when some fine forces bless, Get-Get up, Immediately pick pen and, Start writing as asked to write, By ideas ,that's generated , Moment is important,... Continue Reading →

Activated in which way.

One, Activated in this structure, OR Activated in that structure, The structure gains all prominence, Structure and its surrounding, That's all that enliven The structure, Why activated in this form, Why not been inorganic, In perpetual peace, Of being and not being, Simultaneously , Defer ed to being , And watching all structures, Structures interacting with structures, Some... Continue Reading →


They were retired, As if they were, tired all the way, and now again/afresh, Got re-tired, Tired again after, Remaining tired for long, The so long tiredness, Resulted in accumulation, Which now no longer, could be added more to it, Now to give-up, By re tiring to, hazy daily chores, To give more time, To... Continue Reading →

Gaining relevance to self.

Day by day to become, More obsolete, Day by day to become, More relevant, Losing relevance to others, Gaining relevance to self, A routine is not routine, One day to shift grossly, A permanent swing, Toward that permanence, Such vast experiences, Hardly granted experiences, One day all will happen, One day all will be final, But till... Continue Reading →

Is Raat Ke Baad…

इस रात के बाद जो सुबह होगी, वो कल जैसी नहीं होगी , इस रात में कुछ खास बात होगी, जो रोज नहीं होती, इस रात में वो सारी  बेड़िया टूटेगी , जो अब तक नहीं टूटी है, इस रात में वो सब मिट जायेगा, जो आज तक नहीं मिटा है, इस रात में ऐसी... Continue Reading →

Myself to establish me.

Myself to establish me, In the surrounding, Of the various extended circle and public, To gain the solace of , my existence, my relevance, And to establish myself, That in the darkest hours, Of the extreme annoyance, Of the extreme purposelessness, Some purpose may emerge from back ground, To try to persuade that, Am in the... Continue Reading →

The darkness got so dark.

The darkness got so dark, That all lamps glow, The scary rays of light, Relinquished, Abandoned hope to glitter, The wind blow waywardly, Frightening the trees, Birds in the nest, Neither the baby bird, Nor the mother bird, Could grasp anything, Whats happening, Whats going, What has descended on horizon, To shatter the all here, Shrieks and shrieks... Continue Reading →

The very moment of intangible eventualities..

The days and night, moves devoid of much consequences, without significance, barren regularity, a routine going on, intangible eventualities, the very moment of change, from the eloping night, to sleepy morning, generates anguish, albeit strange, for the coming, pleasant opening, in which the ordinary, looks extra-or, the dew embraces, the grass, it turns greener, shines... Continue Reading →

Drum beats with silence of tranquility.

The silence is shattering, As the observer of it, Submersed further into tranquility, Silence is something, Tranquility is other thing, When the rhythm around, Become same as rhythm inside, The continuous flow of nature beats, The quietness with peacefulness, The rhythm of quietness, The beats of its drum, In silent zone of peace, In a crystallize state, Where the... Continue Reading →

Solitude blooms in darkness.

Solitude blooms in darkness, Its countenance grows in darkness, And becomes more pervasive, To take into fold, To spreads its color, In those blurred tales, That had gone missing, In the days plight, The analysis of all, That happened in past, All such conversation, That caused hurt, Rises to ,get admired, Giving black the white,... Continue Reading →

Ordinary meaning are ordinary.. Hindi poem

साधारण  मतलब साधारण से है, वे मतलब निश्चित ही मतलब है, वो तर्को के धरातल पर , नैसर्गिक न्याय के धरातल पर, ढहरते है, मतलब तो गहरे है, जब माया /भरम टूटती है, सम्बंधो  की पुरानी परिभाषा  बदलती है, जब प्रशन किये जाते है, क्या नैसर्गिक आधार है ? आधार सरे बेमानी निकलते है, ये... Continue Reading →

What was lacking.

Something was lacking, what was lacking, a touch that wasn't there, a touch that was elusive, imagined, remained more confined to, coming things, opportunities restricted by, internal make-up, external prevailing surrounding, restricted restriction of, body and self, a chance as if lost, to take-up a cause, to take-up a path, a natural evolution, the inborn fragrance,... Continue Reading →


Water turned patient, Appeared in hindsight, That all were not in cahoot, Copious terse awakening, Outwit belatedly, Got clue, That ferreted translucence, For long, To leave the mark, To turn it into hallmark, Milestone for prodding further, Into the territory of calm, Impacts aren't tangible, Denigrating self, Coloring the countenance, Why covert introspection, Of the... Continue Reading →



The patience ceded way to..

The patience ceded way to impatience, the ice crystal remains the same, crystal as temperature sustain, the ignitor moving to ignite , the surface,as if, swinging to and fro, the parched surrounding, melts rests to breathe, in the early hours, to sustain the will, to turn into scenery, when the cloud crashes, some oasis here and there,... Continue Reading →

When machine thinks like man.. Hindi poem

जब मशीन आदमी सी सोचने लगेगी , तब आदमी मशीन से पूछेगा , मजा किसमे  है, मन मशीन का ख़राब है, तन को तो खतरा नहीं, वो तो लोहे का बना है, पहले से ही बहुत है , जो आदमी को , चैन की नींद नहीं सोने देते , नए नए जखम , रोज देते... Continue Reading →

Wilderness. Hindi poem

ये भटकाव , तोड़ता ही रहा है, तोड़ता ही रहेगा , कोई लगाम , नहीं है शायद कही , किस -किस से जुड़ता रहा, किस -किस से टूटता रहा, जुड़ता रहा,टूटता रहा, बिना किसी राह  के , हिचकोले खाता रहा, हर लहर हिलाती  गई , हिलता ही रहा, कापता ही रहा, हालात ऐसे हुए कि ,... Continue Reading →

Thought Turmoils. Hindi poem

उलझनो को बनाता है, उलझा हुआ मन , इक आग जो लग गई है, बुझती  नहीं है, ईधन का अनवरत प्रबाह , जो कर  रहा है, सहमा हुआ शारीर , इतना भी क्या सहमे कि  , हर आहट के मतलब निकले, हज़ार , सामंजस्य प्रकर्ति से, दूर -दूर तक नहीं, छूट मिली मानव को, अपना सामंजस्य बनाओ... Continue Reading →

Eterninty. Hindi poem

पल पल भारी होता जा रहा है, परतो पर परते पड़ती जा रही है, जैसे की इस भंवर से निकलकर , कही कोई बादल उड़ा ले जाये , भार जैसे बढ़ता ही जा रहा है,  आँखें मानो पथराने सी लगी है, भार कम हो तो भी कैसे, भार जो रोज ओढ़ने में लगा हु, हवा... Continue Reading →


The breeze buzzing, as fast splash engulf all, with the content of it, the spillover of coolness, the spillover of warm/humid, generates the nostalgia, the thing that existed, the moments that existed, the spillover of innocence, devoid of any meaning, any strategy or plan, just as casually, as casually the moment enliven, the nostalgia caused... Continue Reading →

The same old Story. Hindi poem

कहानी तो वही पुरानी है, मगर मेरे लिए नई   है, सुनते ये कहानी तो कहानी है, पर धीरे धीरे कैसे, पूरी कहानी बनती है, धरती पर उतरती है, खुद के जीवन की, कई किस्तो की कहानी , कहानी  में भी कहानी चलती है, कहानी की गिरफत में, अपनी पहचान गुम  है, जब खड़ा होता हूँ  की , ऊपर उड़कर देखू... Continue Reading →

They were so entagled

They were so entangled , that they could not look at their feet, it's after an era, that it s struck , what has been lost, what has been gained, a roller coaster ride in the whirlpool, with bout of dips, with long tunnel of darkness, appears to last in it, no end in sight, the boiling senses, the... Continue Reading →

The Near the Means

The far the end, the near the means, the end not known, the mere means known, the ends are loose, the ends are evasive, the ends are illusive, the way not known, where to traverse, the means are the ends, the means are visible, but the means  deceptive, the nearer one goes, the far they... Continue Reading →

Didar to bahut hua… Hindi poem

दीदार तो बहुत हुए , लम्बी लम्बी लाइनो में लगकर , उन बड़े बड़े परदो  के अंदर से, और जब ऑंखें मूंदे चाहे , तो भी दीदार हुए , एक ऐसा भी जमाना था, छाप जो छूट जाती थी, छाप जो रह जाती थी, वो दौर जैसे गुजर चूका , तमन्ना और जगाये , मन... Continue Reading →

Kuch paresan ho jo.. Hindi poem

कुछ परेशान हो तो , छोटी सी बात भी , बड़ा असर कर  जाती है, यू तो , हर चीज में बनावट है, हर चीज में खोट है, दिल पर क्यों लेते हो , जो आज है बड़ा मुद्दा , कल इतिहास बन जायेगा , हर चीज परतो  में दब जायेगी , सन्नाटे केवल साक्षी बचेगे... Continue Reading →

Jis aadhar se tika hu…

जिस आधार से टिका हु, वो आधार जेसे हिला , उस आधार को आधार ही रहने दो, प्रशनो से ज्यादा तंग न करो, बहुत नाजुक जो है वो, अपने पावो की पकड़ , जेसे धटती बढ़ती रहती है, आधार चले भी गये तो क्या , बिना आधार के भी तो, सरकते है सरकने वाले ,... Continue Reading →

Bahut kamjor hu shayad..

ग्लानि बहुत है, हर बात की चोट पर, हर वो चीज जो , मुझसे जुडी है, या   मैंने जोड़ ली है , सम्बन्ध था या नहीं , सम्बन्ध है या नहीं, कभी कभी तो लगता है, ये जो आकाश , जिसमे अनंत लहरे है, न जाने कौन सी, कब कहाँ से आकर , मन... Continue Reading →

Dil se Dil kee baat

कल पूर्णिमा की रात  थी , मेरे मन का चाँद पूरा खिला था, रोशन हो रहा था चेहरा उनका , दमकते चाँद की तरह , नूर फेला  था दूर तक , वो तो दोनों तन मन से , उनके नूर से सराबोर था, ज़माने का क्या कहना , वो तो चाँद में दाग बताता है,... Continue Reading →

All that happens in the world. Hindi poem

बात तो बात ही है , रात गयी बात गयी , जमाना यही रहना है , सोच को बदलना है , स्वयं को बदलना है , दुनिया में जो होता है , तेरी मर्जी से नहीं होगा , उसे ही अपना लो , जो उसने चाहा है ,  खयालो का ख्याल रखो , और जयादा... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Glimpse

The glimpse , of the magnificent, filled the joy, in the place, filled with all, uncertainties, helplessness, the heavenly joy, the extra feeling, of greatness, of possession, of environment, of indulgence, satisfying the, real unknown, so the world, stop wobbling, stops hobbling, stable at axis, rotate as if, not rotating, a casual event, a usual event,... Continue Reading →

The process of Gaining Citizenship of Universe

The process of gaining, citizenship, of a planet , gained through the, phases of childhood, maturing,learning, the essence, and on getting the, minimum en durability, the one is denizen, of the planet, its the process, fraught with, tiredness, as the one mature, starts again , im maturing , the dawn,twilight, be soon visible, the newer horizon, of, universal... Continue Reading →

Impairments are Impaired

The impairments have impaired, The brightness of glow, That ones vested in, The sight of eyes, The gradual, descend of gloom, The reminding of impairment, Had as if enliven impairment, Hardly anyone help cope the malice, The self help spirit, not solicited, Water was poured again and again, to douse the amber, of stability, The... Continue Reading →

Going deeper and deeper-

The stars have own light, the planet has no own life, the planet beaming with life, the stars standing alone, as if having no attachment, the planet attached to star, rotate around the star, the star burns self, the stars burn nearer object, the stars are the fulcrum, the beams of the universe, lies upon their shoulders,... Continue Reading →

The flame of lamp

A closed compound, unaware of the blowing storm, outside, the roaring of clouds, the lightening of clouds, all dancing outside, a small hillock, on the high range of mountain, have a abode of deity, have a abode of idol, the sanctum sanatorium, the flame of lamp inside, being impacted by the, damp and mist coming in,... Continue Reading →

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