Something In The Face.

Some special feature or distinctive appearance ,

That a normal status denied,

Demons interpret easy prey and angels jostle to cast their influence ,

Neither comes near any one,

Caught between hyper attraction ,

Denied to join any group or rank ,

Even in solitude these demons/angels lurking ,

what’s this , why this ,

It is something in the face ,

God gifted appearance prompting different interpretations ,

Neither fitting/absorbing in this world and no other way visible ,

It is neither local nor global ,

in the mist with not wider prevalence ,

Local are having feast ,

No one attempt to salvage ,

neither self can collect all power to vehemently resist ,

Getting down deeper and deeper into sludge ,

The destiny is struck here ,

No easy reprieve visible ,

Wishing to exit this slime with all penalties ,

But fate will unfold its bottom at its convenience ,

To make the departure drowned deep in despair ,

and ensuring further opening also has no light ,

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