Hoisted on wrong frame.

He , who wanted to permeate wisdom in stratosphere around some planet/star ,

As got bored with the animal vegetative skills pervading in his universe ,

Was bored and in hurry ,

His attention got drawn to to a planet ,

Where rodents were roaming freely ,

He named it as Earth and set it in motion vibrating / rotating Sun ,

And mistakes are essential ingredient of his universe ,

In retrospect set that wisdom to bloom up in its due course ,

But hoisted on that developing structure that had no wisdom in its infancy ,

That structure has unique needs and in front of those needs all wisdom melts up ,

Now anomaly pervades on that planet ,

On one hand , a visionary like incarnated from heaven ,

And on other hand primitives from worst hell ,

Now perplexed , how to salvage that planet and its being ,

All efforts are in vain ,

Now left to destiny ,

Let the hell proliferate loose there ,

And get / set its own course , as lost all hope .

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