Evening pleasant in all seasons .

Evening nice in all seasons ,

Come outside to daily view it ,

Enjoy watching Sun going to rest , so that one also go into slow mode ,

When mighty Sun leave for rest ,Why not venture out,

When residents of palaces feel fragile and volatile , than what could provide abundant solace then setting Sun , As it has more task left to perform and leaving us to prepare for next rise ,

Rising Sun phenomenon , yet it starts setting since onset of rise ,

To go for rest completely

So that rest is real rest ,

And glory of morning magnifies and facing of days jerks become easier , dithering lessens , stable steps , derailment not easy ,

It is daily to begin and close albeit temporarily , closing shutter nicely will automatically make beginning smooth ,

Beginning and ending of days cycle goes on till last , daily to again prepare and go out to face reality and then rest and roaming in dreams ,

Dreams and reality may have some competition ,better the reality – better the dreams , OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT SEGREGATES REALITY AND DREAMS and melting of habits .

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