Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth.[Part-1]

The annual measurement of worth economic activity happened/occurred in a particular unit of geography could be termed as G.D.P. 
Basically to define what is ECONOMIC ACTIVITY is a difficult task and it may relates to all tangible/intangible activities relating to meeting the requirements /necessities of human being and all other activities enhancing their experience as human being.
In primordial societies ,primary output was agriculture and cattle products ,when farmer had excess grains etc and at same times had other requirements ,they used to barter things/services etc.but yet few left with excess produce even after bartering it for their other needs ,that cant be thrown,stored or given free ,than grains etc were given to some needy in exchange of some valuable minerals/commodities,which were rare and could be used as standard measurement of output sold,and that could be stored for future use or build ones empire/wealth.
The worth of gold/silver was invented in this way ,that what one had extra produce yesterday given to other in exchange of others endorsement by way of providing proportionate gold ,that represent his power/deeds/karma ,which could be en cashed at anytime ,therefore initially gold /silver became the promissory notes given by to one ,who has extra production /economic activity with containing promise to return back in this or that form ,when needed/wished.
The identification of some precious metals,which were too limited in supply served purpose of gainful exchange ,and here the concept of wealth emerged.
With civilization started taking firm roots,somewhat permanent existence with exploring and forming relations with other civilization,that made a big learning points ,and provided major push toward origin of newer and newer economic activities.Initially things were exchanged ,with time and development concept of forming wealth by acquiring means of economic activity and by exerting ones dominance and concept of rich /poor /ruling class emerged ,and to gain power and luxuries of life according to times economic activities in particular areas were commanded/controled by few elite ones.  

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