Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth.[Part-2]

With evolution of primitive economies ,with more agriculture with use of cattle and muck resulted in creation of some wealth in few pockets ,the necessity of more social and economic cohesion was felt thereby concept of central command emerged,as some one was required to control/protect/resolve the disputes /provide stability in wake of various uncertainties and security from other predators led to emergence of theme of STATE ,who collects part of produce from all its citizens in particular geographical area and creates silos of wealth,man,material etc to safeguard its citizens in all eventualities,and to provide administration/leadership.
And the precious metals or other valuable prevalent for measurement/valuation etc were standardized ,given shape of currency by ruling kings,so that societies emerged from barter system effectively to that of currencies and with newer demands/services of various other subtle type started to emerged with the ease of measuring monetary unit established.
With advancement of human societies from agriculture and primitive services ,next leap emerged with path breaking invention and emergence of manufacturing various products by machine in industrial units.
Emergence of machines changed the very notion of comfort and quality in human life fore ever,and gradually factories replaced agriculture to become prominent generator generator of production and fulfilling enhanced human needs .The factories enhanced value of farm produce multi fold ,first by providing better seeds,better fertilizer and various farm equipment made agriculture to a large extent mechanized and thereby increasing its yield with fewer supporting hands,further cold storage/transportation etc resulted in reaching of farm produce of one place to any corner to fetch best price.
Various natural products from nature were identified with their healing,beauty,taste,aesthetics properties etc ,which were given name of sort of brand with identified properties/values ,and further nature based /forest based product were identified with trial and error and accidental discoveries.
The primitive medicines ,fitness tricks,beauty enhancing tips and accessories ,architecture etc started to take shape in their primitive way ,creating very basic foundation for future generations to excel.
The emergence of tribe or state of geography with attached people emerged in nascent form paving way for future explorations ,with a primitive form of governance,defense,law ,trade  etc emerged.Primary markets/shops/mandi for agriculture produce of various kind emerged where touts etc could arrange better price from buyers of larger areas/businessman grabbing produce for future selling in profits.

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