Nelly the comet. [A story]

In the sky ,full of stars /planets and wandering volley of objects ,Nelly the comet was in desperate mood ,that nothing could charm him and started pondering about basic ingredient/nature of universe -that is darkness and dark/heavy voices ,the light is individual domain of stars etc  ,but their in no universal light.
The families ,The societies as if boundaries tend to exit in universal domain -that star close family of planets ,extended family of satellites of individual members etc ,larger societies of galaxies etc but Nelly the comet could not understand why all are flying/escaping from each other collectively,individually.As if to capture all available space or fear of proximity ,avoiding by way of moving far and farer from each other ,so that communication light years keeps on increasing and may faint ultimately.
Nelly the comet felt perturbed by observing planets moving in defined/regular path round their patriarchal star ,Nelly the comet felt security concern of planet has made them subservient to choose their savior star,but in process sacrificing all their individual freedom and embracing boredom ,yet creating a perfect family. 
The venturing to discover in  undisclosed areas that suits to Nelly the comet ,yet with associated risk of clashes etc with other objects but felt satisfaction to discover own light and supporters ,who also wander alongwith him,appearing like tail ,an individual entity of independence and pursuit of exploring satisfaction of being.
So vast is universe made to felt Nelly the comet that it interact/wander near to all objects in universe but even not appeared feasible to get second chance of interaction with objects passing now or passed earlier again led to emergence of lack of nostalgia and lack of permanent association.
To not fall in gravitational trap of individual emperors making/adding part of their empire’s , to enter into different gravitational zone and exit ,sometimes may cast their mark on Nelly the comet ,but destiny chosen or fate cant be questioned ,retraction becomes sort of impossible ,as at  a particular zone of time for playing cosmic games teams,families have been crystallized for their phase of existence. 

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