Global leadership-traits/vision

The four top traits for being successful global leaders could be-

1.creating a strategic vision
2.inspiring others and maintaining leadership redponsibility 
3.developing an accurate and a comprehensive overview of the business 
4.decision making 
the global leaders are generally from operations,finance and sales,first of all to a leader it is necessary that he understand the business of its company,its intricacies,and a concern that nothing is permanent ,the present bbusiness model how strong it may appear can be vulnarable over time ,and if the company in past has faced many challenges without much efforts than it should not be taken as invincibality ,but one should analyse the causes/strength of such happenings.
the basic leadership factors include among others -anticipating opportunities ,creating a shared vision ,developing and empowering people,embracing change and fostering cultural diversity as the global arena is replete with challenges ,this necessiates the presence of a strong ,able and resilient leadership at every level,a successful global leader must possess meritocracy to adjust to the global economy positively,the interaction of leader with all level of employees is great booster its the shared vision which is most important ,usually employee has grudges about various policies of company effecting their performance,it is shared vision which relieves all pain and employee get the logic behind it and lead to improved performance and better environment.
the major factor leading to global leader failure-
1.failure to build relationship
 and team environment
2,a mismatch with corporate culture/goals
2.failure to deliever accepted results
4.inability to win company support
5a lack of appropriate training
6 egotistical issues
7.lack of vision
8.absense of flexible approac
9poor management skills
10poor communication etc
the new adage is think and act both globally and locally ,the leaders must reflect on the reasons for their successes and failures and be willing to accept objective feedback,the trick lies in identifying the right attributes and moving toward becoming a better and more successful each day  
the talent may be available anywhere but it is the test of the skills of management in company to spot potential talent and allow them to flower,and some research has found that number of world CEOwere low performer in their early life,and found somebody who could spot them and make them go through the grind.
the existing performance of employee is important but the potential performance is equally important that should not be ignored,but it is not enough to spot raw talent but equally important is to spot the talent who has the attitude to go that extra mile so putting [mental hunger ]above skills for getting that elite performance is not uncalled for .
leadership should appreciate that it may be mistaken belief that failure comes from doing something wrong,most failure in business comes from losing to competitor who is doing something better.,the leaders should try to enhance the likability of their organisation and its product as we all choose to do business with people we like generally.
the  leaders need to study local trends and customs and what people value more in that part of world so that product and experiences be aligned to local aspirations,the organisation must have local employee of targeted market,and also need advice and counsel from people on the ground ,who are intimately familiar with the local culture,need to listen carefully,analyse throughly to engage locally 
today the globalisation has ascended to a new level in which nations are connected not only by trade but also by other concern like climate change,food security,and act of terror.

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