Dynamic inconsistency/time inconsistency

A decision maker knows that changes are occurring at such fast that what is relevant today may not be relevant at another point of time ,further there are many behavioral aspects which impact the consistency of decision linked to dynamism and time,as investor is more eager to cut gains than losses ,the eagerness to consume or instant gratification are the concept that prevails as investing is lot about self restraint so more are traders in market,

Discounting temporally is tendency of people to discount rewards as they approach a temporal horizon in future or the past  it is to give greater importance to getting rewards now ,this has created a systematic tendency for humans to switch toward vices/products or activity which are pleasant in the short term/from virtues it gets toward impatience,toward poor self control ,toward impulsiveness and irrationality as such human preferences are time in consistence,this habit not only impacts small eating decisions but larger relationship and investment decision further they shape the personality of individual which results in controlling/or deteriorating ones mental well being,it are thoughts ,if not controlled arouse fear and revenge/helplessness leading to depression and loosing all vigour/charm in life ,the charm does not lies in the approach to get instant gratification as much lay buried in depth/rotten which is revealed later on with numerous encounters.if decisions are based on due time than much mature decision/relationship is there.
though time influences decision making ,humans are prone to poor will power /vices and poor self talk habit ,this is why masses prefer consumption to saving ,there are more day traders compared to investors and even few contrarians ,this is why forseeing a personal irrationality ,manipulating will power and tying oneself to a commitment is a rare feat 
The anger and immediate adverse reaction is harmful in relations/business and self development whereas restraints and diplomatic skills provides success and show the maturity and understanding that humans are time inconsistent.

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