As long as something works ,why fix it.

Hegemony going up , evenly or unevenly , It was set up by default or some shrewd manipulation , by careful consideration or just causally , It worked advantageously to self but sometime destructive to other , It worked as one was gaining by hegemony and others had no option , but to bear the... Continue Reading →

Enemy number 2.

The primary source of discontent are usually ignored and not much is dwelled upon them and force of attention is shifted to easy targets ,which are easily best alternatives to sway attention of masses and get them perfectly engaged.   The hunger for revenge rises,bad circumstances which one could not cherish at all but have... Continue Reading →

Broadening horizon.

Barrage of information, key for informed decision, emerging from various media, reliable/unreliable source, dreaming to fill in shoes, right skill to marry with passion, broadening horizon, equip with time proven efficient tools, communicate often more and more, affected by range of influences, trust,openness and transparency.      

Seeds of culture.

Culture is although huge important aspect in the success of an organisation yet at the start of an organisation it is not much delved upon , reason to this can we attributed to more pressing issues of that time i. e like arranging finances ,finding project ,/products, technology and obtaining all clearances. Once an organisation... Continue Reading →


A situation in which opposing forces within a system exerts their activeness with visible or else motivation to impact the system. In organisational context having contradictory opinion /aspects is normally healthy until they metamorphose into contradictory tendencies leading to creation of separate poles. Many view that opposing forces within a system pull at each other... Continue Reading →

The Swirling Aria.

The tedious path/journey is to be traversed/trudged along with its usual ups and lows ,a aria of ones individual theme again appears and subdues with its own rhythm to pull back or put steam into ones being. The opera of life unfolds and continue with its own sense of direction ,as if it is both... Continue Reading →

Inspiration without collaboration.

To execute inspiration into some visible output that pours relief and keeps one in good stead while traversing the journey of being and being relevant to self/surrounding. Inspiration struck to all but with time blockages could emerge,it requires proper pampering and upkeep of things that invigorate one ,never allowing to die that unique being that... Continue Reading →

Many leaders in good times, needs controlling of orgn.

When the going is good ,many grab mantle of leadership,as there is inherent tendency among humans to vie for gaining recognition and authority. But such multiple leadership is hardly useful to organisation,as it becomes  personal tug of war to claim the good times. Multiple leaders have no much individual vision even about implementing organ vision,goals... Continue Reading →

Leadership is also about venturing communications.

Ability to lead is also inherent in willingness to lead,to rise from ones shell and to communicate,to feel responsible,to hear and react and lead in forming solutions/alternatives,to infuse a sense of command,belonging and thereby providing a  sense of security and motivating colleagues to perform and not merely remain perplexed and confused,its to promote decision making,inculcating... Continue Reading →

Changing pattern of leadership.

It is based upon the theme of future leadership,changes are inevitable part of ones life as well to happen in the cultural/societal sphere etc .The changes that happens are as such result of the change in perception of humanity and depicts/portrays the changes/development of humanity over a period of time.The pace of change is not... Continue Reading →

Leadership in different era

The leadership style/role has remained different in different era according to their vision and their intentions and compulsions of leaders of particular era . The human vision has developed gradually ,refined with the advancement of human civilization but it had not been rising in single direction of betterment and growth ,it has faced many setbacks/hurdles and... Continue Reading →

Search of meaning self/society/leaders

The authority and power needs to look from newer dimension,people have natural urge to find meaning and purpose of their life,and are usually self driven,proactive and volunteer to take initiatives to help themselves,their families, neighborhood,communities and organisation to attain their such circumstances it appear logical that leadership is about facilitating the motivation in people ,the system... Continue Reading →

Global leadership-traits/vision

The four top traits for being successful global leaders could be- 1.creating a strategic vision 2.inspiring others and maintaining leadership redponsibility  3.developing an accurate and a comprehensive overview of the business  4.decision making  the global leaders are generally from operations,finance and sales,first of all to a leader it is necessary that he understand the business... Continue Reading →

Control freak

Trust is intangible ,  hardly quantifiable yet cost of low trust in organisation is very real ,significant distrust doubles the cost of doing business and triples the time it takes to get thing done,when trust is low in a company or in a relationship ,it places a hidden tax on everything ,every communication ,every interaction ,every... Continue Reading →

Organisation and leadership

Organisation are developed not merely by grand ideas,vision and purpose etc but as organisation consist of peoples /employees ,they are  to perform in a systematic manner along with deployment of different resources to achieve the vision behind its formation and to create wealth and serve all its stakeholders. When humans of different skills are pooled... Continue Reading →

Participate leadership..

leadership is always a hot talking point,even the crisis of economy is exaggerated  due to lack of confidence of masses in the leadership qualities of leaders  heading nations and institutions. Managers/leaders works at various hierarchies with different roles but contributing to larger goal,same is to be aligned perfectly so that all gaps are filled and movement... Continue Reading →

Leadership evolution and path ahead

Leadership emerges from shared experiences,external pressure and an internal need. Today working environment provides ample opportunities for talent to develop,its not that leaders are made overnight,a long struggle,traversing of path is needed to understand pulse of things and to gain knowledge /wisdom. Decision making skill of higher levels is not available commonly,here more diverse knowledge,understanding of multiple aspect etc... Continue Reading →

Resistance of change.

Anything new being introduced cause concerns among likely to be effected persons,change is otherwise natural phenomena,it is naturally unfolding ,as nothing is static in world. Basically human has to go through the changes which nature has planned in advance,but during that phase/journey ,human are to fend for themselves with alignment with all visible/invisible,tangible/intangible  nuances to better... Continue Reading →

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