The management of self.

The  task of managing something is a call which all has to face in it an organisation or any other institution and even our own family and self needs a uphill management task. to manage oneself appear curios,
It is generally believed that an individual is managed by parents in early life and than the education institute ,society,employer,government laws and all other authorities having impact on our life tend to manage an individual. 
Sometime it appears most funny that others trying to manage one with their assessment which the self is not satisfied,it raise a question whether others can assess one,why not ,may somewhat be true if the motive is correct and fair,but it is also true a many time that one is not able to assess and manage self therefore one seeks the opinion of consultancy.
The self need management of self,ones house is to be kept in order by one only ,of course analyzing issues with help of relevant material or gathering from own experience and others experience but one cant give basic command to others,that if happens depicts sickness.
In this world a habitual tendency of giving undue opinions to others without being asked and observing/stalking others and finding faults with them and causing anxieties /confusions etc to other,whereas not seeing to self and ones own dominant concerns.Merely diverting attention from pathetic state of own self to others to douse amber spreads more suffering to other and self.
The self help books and teachers could provide a guide and initial motivation to embark on individual journey of understanding and inner reconciliation with different self perceptions,so as to develop a balanced understanding of life,self journey.
Remaining busy in gainful activities,hobbies,company of like minded persons not let set boredom in life and past experiences,future uncertainties should not be allowed to raise their ugly head beyond proportion. 
All managements ought to first identify objectives but in individual cases its not complicated,simply to be happy by identifying issues and works to be associated with.

 The more reliance on outside forces disturb the inner self so much ,when by  inflicting weak point  cause sometime immense pressure on one,further with the various desires looming over cause confusion tends to develop a inner disability,if not having external one.
 It is pity that despite so many authorities helping in ,the task of individual management go wayward ,the different path of outside agencies and inner troubled desire’s and the wounds of setback which may be most subtle or just perceived by individual which no other can understand.
The present life is gaining speed ,but there is more to life than increasing speed,the decisions are smarter when taken in calm and ease and in the longer run prove saver in time,,its enjoying by taking a pause what one have,and to feel there is no rush ,just flow.
The person sometime or usually has dual faces , ones alter ego ,it denote if there had been free/smooth flow one would have been it,some chooses to allow   alter ego  to step out into real life by default or else.
Sometimes it is attempted  in a controlled manner so one be able to identify and be complete with ones inner being,which  can enhance happiness,identifying with our inner being need not jeopardize ones present roles so long as one keep a balance and reality check,so one create space in ones lives where one can be completely attuned to who or what one really like to be ,while the rest of life is pursuance of our present karma or reality.
If the gap between our real[as we live our lives]and imagined self [made up of aspiration,dream,desire]is large ,the pain of existence becomes huge ,this also carries another aspect that as one tend to nurture his inner self need to under stand the alter ego of his near and dear one’s so that to make the life comfortable and practical.

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