Between The Devil And Deep Blue Sea .

To choose is hard , Between this end and that end , Both are distant but glaring to extinguish the being n middle , Now left nothing , No relief expected from any end , Choosing among equal weighted devils , Blue color may have placebo effect , Mist dwells upon all ends , A... Continue Reading →


Usually drifting wayward , Without direction , Just flowing in with tides , Stillness is eluding , in low or high currents , And may sometimes crop out forth that force , That pulls /exert its power , To drew toward its center , Caught in its mesh , Get continuously pulled toward that point... Continue Reading →

How to be mindful.

The world is getting complex day by day and solutions/problems getting complex despite artificial intelligence , machine learning and extremely fast data analytics . Despite huge progress to address the wellbeing of humankind in present times ,suffering as if remains permanent human condition at least since human race ascended from apes, i e all is... Continue Reading →

Seamless Connection s.

All being on planet, Being an independent unit, Connections not banned with other units, Yet as if some leaders required to remove distractions, And form clan,unit, group, society to organise them, And to give it a identity, Or some chemistry needed to sow the seeds, Yet it had remained volatile and fragile, Creating a subset... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone.

Expanding the zone, zoom in on the realities, focus on purpose of life, cherishing every moment, that speeds up, embracing happening, melting and wading into uncharted territory, putting into someone else shoe, striving to extend zone of comfort ,and to find treasure, one side of same coin, the worst behind us, jostling secure and we'll... Continue Reading →

Swinging Wayward.

Stimuli flying here and there, That provokes senses, They cries for reactions, Yet reactions hardly lies in raising temper/shouting, Stimuli filled with combustible ingredients, It explodes with rising tempers, Shattering it's very base, A horse of long race, Controls actions/reactions, Avoids bruishe s /wound from traps, Traps that may be or may not be, Yet... Continue Reading →


What has changed, nothing appeared to have changed, the world around is same, yet that affinity gone, as if a malaise penetrated deep inside, no cause apparent, roots untraceable, All near and dear perplexed, pouring more succor, yet that rapport, that harmony, within and outside elusive, a decisive turn, not of destiny, but of time... Continue Reading →

A plow horse.

Alone not like the others, he was not for playing, he was for plowing, a epiphany ,a picture flashed, in his psyche, and again the picture blurred, like a reflection in the pond, standing alone, by the fence in the field, that he wasn't born A plow horse.  It got transcended to retrograded to tagged... Continue Reading →

Tickling Sensation.

A low level electric current, noticeable but not  aching, As if in the barren land, even oasis sink in the sand, of its own good ideas, But what, that not expected, considered buried/oblivious, raises its fury again, without waiting for final day, at its own discretion, to singe and pale, the edifice, in shambles,to its... Continue Reading →

Differences are enormous.

Differences are enormous, visible and invisible, significant or insignificant, enormous or tiny, traceable or untraceable, but there is there, unevenness,lack of smoothness, a pervasive all around, lack of compatibility, solution emerges, when all heat blaze, to turn to ashes, all visualization turn bleak, nothing provokes, nothing entice, differences turns so fragile, that all appearing same,... Continue Reading →

Constant Discomfort.

To do agile,become agile Utopia has lost meaning leaving no problem to solve therefore no opportunities either as if utopia never works human stretching boundaries vertically and horizontally universal virtual presence widening small container/trough that holds identity Magnifying with enhanced internal impulses astride on external /electric impulses They say neither utopia nor dystonia works And... Continue Reading →

Tongue on fire.

The impulse were buried deep unknown abstractedly in labyrinthine corridors of profound thoughts sallow surface filled with clods Attempt to plow/harrow only added to debris/malise Despite gradual depredation of time some amber smoldering tempering weeds And roots of all roots yet hearts simmering And as if cant be doused or turn into ashes So order... Continue Reading →

The confusions.

One descended on scene with surrounding impassive beauties And trapped with creatures of voracious aptitude Till infancy values assigned by gullible understanding of longings/belongings with time stretching body catapulting from that microcosm of oneness To varying perceptions those toys losing relevance with indulgence with bigger ones demands goes on inflating confusion galore stalking creatures /sorcerer... Continue Reading →

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

Self Realization.

A word used  most enigmatically  in motivation/spirituality  ,with regard to explaining and satisfying purpose in this mundane life. Attaining  ones potential after stretching it wide along with inherent possibilities ,the capability is stabilized to derive the variance and putting efforts to reach near that  mean to avail maximum comfort of satisfied self so that it... Continue Reading →

How to understand reality.

Really what is underlying themes and dimensions are not that easy to decipher and it may never hardly be understood to be acted upon.All words and phrases are vibrant in surrounding,yet to realize  something deeply to shape them as ones guidelines happens not with ease. First of all we need to ponder what is reality-... Continue Reading →

The future of work.

With growing automation jobs are decreasing ,and apprehensions are running deep about running out of work,causing mass unemployment and its resultant consequences. Yet fact remains that productivity may rise significantly and their gains /redistribution of income in some form or other may follow to more than compensate many job losses.First upgrading ones skills may become... Continue Reading →

Discard the delusion.

Bondage is perpetuated by ones notion penetrated deep and forming an armor preventing other aspects to cast their rays to stir an honest pondering to realize multiplicity /complexity surrounding the simple explanations. To venture into battle field of life ,which is fought internal and external.One live in this world apart from living in his own... Continue Reading →

They have no words.

Many times words are word literally If it was about mere consciousness it is in many species apart from human but they have no words to explain to self to explain to others to link to past to visualize in fantasy It cause the differentials which is not merely spontaneous but addictive to particular sort... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →


No light of own just reflect others light transmute scorching light/heat in luminous glow Yet there are dark holes they suck all light And reflect darkness only many down here as if survive by sucking on others happiness they have none a ghastly mad by observing strange those creatures relishing life with nothing to please... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    

The Swirling Aria.

The tedious path/journey is to be traversed/trudged along with its usual ups and lows ,a aria of ones individual theme again appears and subdues with its own rhythm to pull back or put steam into ones being. The opera of life unfolds and continue with its own sense of direction ,as if it is both... Continue Reading →

Dark alleys in Sleeping city.

The tiredness settled deep with ruthless pursuit of accomplishing the mission of passing each and every day with lacking all capacity to view the sunshine/moonlight unadulterated ,all vision got blurred with level of pollution  going so high that finding originality akin to finding Nirvana. The city pouring on road ,thronging makeshift structures providing eatables ,many... Continue Reading →

Wistful Feelings.

The isolation has pervaded so long and deep that everything appears to be something else ,the connection with them lost. Earlier the feeling that was evoked while passing through those lanes now nowhere rekindles and it appears that either i do not know them or those silhouettes do not recognize me.We were strangers with strangeness... Continue Reading →

More than Alone – Lonely.

Its a new phenomenon that human being despite among huge crowd feels lonely,what a anomaly,yet much relevant in present modern era. With more and more people globally living in cities ,around 60 to 70 percent world population may be urban and this urbanization is further catching up in developing countries.Agriculture which was largest employer earlier... Continue Reading →

Mutually Supportive Alliance.

Rather than wandering in abstraction in finding exclusive,immaculate feeling of that elusive feeling/bonding .People succeed ,who adhere to more practical and definite route in get social traction rather than immersing in that isolation with hunting to capture that evading bonding that only as if belongs to be ethereal. May be real in that sphere but... Continue Reading →

People to take one more seriously.

The impact people generate is different,and consequent image is formed ,such prevalent notions about individual tend to perpetuate that one is defined and treated in particular way. Ones stature,texture,nature,physical format etc is believed to impact the way a particular person is viewed,but it is not that simple,if we consider it in organization domain,where one has to... Continue Reading →

Stable enough base.

The human have been endowed with extraordinary intelligence,exemplary memory and capacity to visualize,the events in life permeates down deep in conscious and unconscious memory and suffering for past or what may happen in future,which clearly illustrates that phenomenal capacity of memory/imagination  is adding to /causing suffering which are not in present. To know how to handle cerebral... Continue Reading →

Different sort of sensitivities.

Each living one has different sort of likes,dreams,interest,hobbies and priorities and while interacting with other human cause friction due to not understanding realities of self make-up and difference that may lies in other make-up. How different perception of human could be,is astonishing and for one what appears most exciting and compelling may not be of... Continue Reading →

The New Normal

We get in the morning to again immerse in the normalcy that is prevailing . Sometimes changes are accruing gradually and consistently and that is not visualized as changes in prevailing normal. In life -things all of a sudden or sometimes in due course alters substantially from prevailing normal and that has to be adjusted /accommodated to become comfortable in new normal.,such... Continue Reading →

Nadir of faith.

When one gets to understand that despite his clear means and direction ,one has hardly been got understood by else,one want to get entangled with all niceness of possession and comfort ,yet what that has caused fissures that were not feasible to heal. As if the communication was never complete,ones intention,contentions etc are hardly understood... Continue Reading →


The breeze buzzing, as fast splash engulf all, with the content of it, the spillover of coolness, the spillover of warm/humid, generates the nostalgia, the thing that existed, the moments that existed, the spillover of innocence, devoid of any meaning, any strategy or plan, just as casually, as casually the moment enliven, the nostalgia caused... Continue Reading →

Thorn stick deep

The thorn is real one, which stick in the, soul of one, and despite much efforts, it could not be ousted, easily, every thing may be forget ed , but the pain/suffering of the, real beloved one, cant be forget ted, all tears and joy, will go to oblivion, the purpose of my existence, if been evident... Continue Reading →

The Least Predictable Aspects

The nature of human and his responses to a particular situation is hardly predictable and hardly constant. Such subtle issues instantly changes the views or expressions of human which is beyond anybody's prediction or guess. The facts may be same or even better, yet the human reaction can turn worse to the utter surprise of other. There... Continue Reading →

The Impact

  The impact is denied, but the impact is there, one claims a lot, one boasts of a lot, yet at dusk, one yearn for own abode. What clings to one, causes various imagination, yet the authority absolute, lies hardly in the hand of none. The impact are visible, the impact are invisible, they surface immediate,... Continue Reading →

The obsessive obsession

It happens when one lose complete command of self and surrender fully to the object of ones obsession . As if one submerges ones identity in his obsession and the obsession become the reality and the life. the flower  reaches its fuller bloom but thereafter some other reality also sets in . one need a spectacle... Continue Reading →

Identity crisis

All want to be identified in a perfect way with self,with colleagues .,with family,society and nature etc. yet again and again the crisis orf identity emerges in ones mind,some are not able to identify with their families,despite passing of so much time together and it is found that no one belong to each other and it was... Continue Reading →

The art of relaxing/enjoying

The term relaxing /enjoying is usually misunderstood,in the real sense the daily routine of individual should normally be such that one remains upbeat in his mood and enjoyment be part of ones daily chores and personality. What usually happens that one on slight accomplishment of some task feels relieved and aspire for enjoyment whereas it... Continue Reading →

Dual personality

The individuals appears to possess many personalities,which they can use at different time suited according to their perceived satisfaction. it appears that human hardly remains in their original self,may be at family,/office etc.As the general inner concept is to view anything unfolding/individuals approaching with caution. the important prevelent reason could be that one views oneelf as most... Continue Reading →

Emotion-energy in motion

The human interacts externally and internally continuously ,which generate flow of the flow of feelings and when it gets out of their normal range,the generated imput could be termed as EMOTIONS ,now the emotion could be varied-it can be termed sometime as infatuation, a feeling of guilt,despair,sympathy etc but the usual feeling is that one is deeply puzzled... Continue Reading →

Relationship and emotions

The emotion in relationship usually plays a spoiler game,some consider it as binding point in lasting relations,the emotion need to be refined to what it may sometime mean in relationship,like it could be said expectation,a desire to be understood,these are solitary desires usually without understanding the shell of other,to expect is not unnatural,but here one... Continue Reading →


It is deep rooted attraction/passion which occurs regularly ,like the peacock dance as rains get dense.A particular surrounding ,weather ,environment,memory,delusion which arouse strong feelings regularly and get deeply embedded in ones self could be termed as a sort of obsession. One when leave merit and demerits and leave all theoretical concepts of relevance/irrelevance etc and vehemently give... Continue Reading →


It could be described as the feeling that all world has been created for one and they/one has all right to exploit,pollute ,fight over it without botheration that nothing is left in the process. The person is not able to see any finer points in other and sometime that are seen just for public speaking-with... Continue Reading →

The obsession conundrum.

The obsession are necessity of life and it could be safely said that majority of human has obsession as their companion,further to distinguish between obsession and reality is a difficult call. obsession could be also described as our dreams and all humans embark journey to  pursue their dream to logical end,but sometime when one is obsess with... Continue Reading →

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