Growth for growth sake.

It is essential parameter of judging and rating a economy that it is growing consistently year after year at healthy rate of growth.
Growth creates wealth, employment opportunities,increases living standards,yet to introduce measures beyond rationality and long term consequences just to spur growth may not help much.
 The impact on environment cant be compromised beyond point for just growth ,rather investing in alternative avenue /technologies/strategies may result in long term sustainable growth.
Bubble occurs in commodity,stock markets,real estate etc which are certainly caused /added by relentless/unfeasible quest for growth and growth beyond fundamentals.
Humans has developed imaginative means of boosting growth ,like printing more and more money so that more and more demand etc is there ,further continuously rising stocks,reality generates tremendous wealth,but somewhere it has to be got financed ,some one should ultimately be there to afford and live in it,if all or majority players in reality are just for investment than many are likely to burn their hands.
Just giving boost to economy by debt and deficit cant be sustained unless productivity/investment is ensured with right policies /environment etc to generate servicing capacities and creating real productive assets. 
Better subtle,innovative ,services,exports,consumption led growth balanced according to suitability of particular economy can cause sustainable growth ,newer and newer products ,innovation in technology /services could generate regular demand for new ,better,advanced products ,while discarding outdated products.
A large part of world consists of deprived peoples ,hence if affordable /realistic need based such products could be produced on mass scale than it may spur growth as well as reduce poverty and cause more inclusion with better life to masses.
Therefore growth attempted must be sustainable and beneficial to large masses and wealth to be productively deployed and its benefits to be felt in far flung isolated ares with better coverage,communication/integration and connectivity.

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