Caprice and Surprise

One flows widely in the reverie & enjoys the moment/things much without the consideration of its impact on other/surrounding.
The events/things which one can expect never surprise one ,only the unexpected ,unusual occurrence surprise one.

Some humans appears to be prone to surprises as if they expect everything and nothing is unusual for them , but the surprises also have their range of uniqueness and can swing wide across the horizon -to say in past or future and remix the elements which one may not be able to perceive ,so the surprise reserve their capacity to impact almost everybody.
The level and quality of the vividness of the caprice and surprises give the edge in causing the impact,it may also be the receptive capacity of one which enliven the moment of caprice and surprise.

It appears sometime that caprices are ones own creation ,whereas the surprises are unexpected but the preparedness of one in the journey to receive the swings in all direction steals much of its impact.

The positive state of mind and the caprices supporting that state can balance the ones tranquility with the vast stillness of hard nature ,one need to have two or many state simultaneously i e the reality ,the hope,the expectations ,the man passion,the ones basic turf of self where one is alone with the self need to be strong enough to withstand all attempts to disturb it.  

The surprises should astound us and not give us the shock that derail the balance ‘s and one may be surprised at the surprises and wonder ,that the ones range of reverie most surprises could surprises one.

Some are masters in the art of giving surprises to other,which sometime shake one severely and disturb one’s all plan’s ,strategy and make one compelled to either withdraw /settle/or redraw the strategies.

The caprice’s sometime cause undue setback and sometime may give that push which was not ascertainable or thinkable /provide able to break the deadlock /inertia and impacts the other also severely to understand their follies. 
all flows are not control able ,but one may be much in control ,whereas other may be totally in swing of caprices,the healthy mix as if cant be attained by all ,the normal one could be aspired by majority. 

The surprises as if appears cant be avoided ,as the things are yet unfolding ,the boundaries are not known ,the impact was certained.In the science or maths the outcome could be predicted precisely but in the social ,individual field,the outcome are not ascertained by precision and the caprices of others cant be predicted and ones state of it can give surprises to other and can cause surprising event or result.

The artificial medicine are available to cause caprices and surprises but the medicines have many side effect and the over dose can kill the instinct and invite the state of manic ,further something are too subtle ,where any sort of caprices can cause havoc.

What is caprice/surprise also depends upon ones make up ,one thing /event may surprise one but for others it may hardly containing any surprises. What may be considered caprice in one society may be some what accepted behavior in another society and it also range among individual it may be that particular thing /value may be a normal one ,whereas other may deem it as big surprises and term them of capricious nature.

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