Evaporation of Pleasure.

Main product converted into by- product by glorified consumerism as/and spirituality/religion relegated into courtyard.It is quite astonishing that how by-product gained so much relevance that basic themes got diluted with resultant repercussions.

Earlier human was quite/virtually immobile compared to present ,and human were mainly/totally confined to his immediate surrounding area/culture.Now human has become so mobile that dreaming to venture odyssey to the far end of universe,all had been fine but despite advancement in one direction the basic pleasure from life has evaporated so far that now human in on continuously in air or wheel to find/capture those traces of elixir still if left in far flung remotest areas/soul and to gain/extract that to feel relevantly satisfied.

Satisfaction has gone from all hearts,now venturing to excel,cant afford to be contently relegating into ultimatum.The naturalism of flowers gone ,with emphasis on grafting to convert into ideal piece of shape/size/color ,that that relieving/engulfing fragrance has become thing of past and with vanishing expressions associated with it to changed communication scene.

Decision have become fast,impact faster and relief far and far in abeyance,to get on track after getting off track is as more cumbersome as it might been earlier,causing much more discomfort that might had been available earlier.

The process as if reached its height,ideally by-products were developed to help reduce cost of main product,thereby increasing its affordability and further to utilize value in all residue /baggage generated while pursuing main products with genuine concerns,but present era commercialism/marketing/social media has generated such products that has blur the relevance/understanding of main product/by-product with lasting unforeseeable trap.

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