Sitting on Table/Chair.

It was gradual erosion,after catapulting in state of being in which understanding gathers to take place and that gifted placid state at birth starts to get impacted by surroundings.

Things turned worse with multiple issues targeting since arrival ,with ones physical weakness added by poor care/nourishment made foundation unstable and all wolves raising their head to torment their prey.

That was my feeling at very initial classes of around tenth that i being so weak that cant sit on chair for long to study etc and that is main cause of my poor performance in exams.

In graduation with volatile performances ,enrolled for  multiple courses granting recognized status of analyst /legal etc without overcoming the basic flaw of ability to sit on table /chair for sufficient duration.When dates of exam came too close then thought of reading bare books/act for complete day and night to get through,but then got hindered by weak eye side and got completely knocked out of reading at all.

Anyhow after graduation got some job,then finally got elated that i will be able to install habit of sitting for table/chair for long in office and will utilize that gain to gain other degrees etc,but nothing such much happened ,as in those years of traditional/old working styles i again found escape in form of prolonged lunch,early leaving of office and walking randomly during office hours at adjoining roads and showing face to colleagues intermittently.

Change blew at fast pace with internet ,technology to change work space,many organisation surviving in earlier era got mired in troubles and here also i found a escape by opting V R S .Again question what to do next and how to remain engaged/pass time ,i thought to venture into blogging,but to my dismay it also require long duration of table/chair sitting .It requires lot of reading,making notes/drafts/editing that all require sitting on chair,here also i found escape by leaving editing to reader and publish draft directly on laptop and to study paper/book etc to gain insight of blogging resorted to do it by lying on bed .

Now things had come to such pass that when last week i decided and implemented a few hour daily table/chair sitting then i am now taking rest for last 10 days to become normal again.

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