The setting – up of Hard Reality.

To explain and understand process and its phases of settling hard reality is quite difficult and hard to realize.

Human has inherent weakness/ and habitual to immerse in various irrelevant aspects of surrounding that is /may emerge. It becomes very hard and usually sort of impossibility for common man to visualize results from prevailing trends.

The reaction/action/response etc are usually formed by short term consideration /stimuli.One who see /can have that hardened dexterity to  to ponder beyond that moment or moments usually can be in better shape of overall health and may less swing/oscillate in wild directions /moors.

What human experience and dwelt/dealt keeps same in vault of own heart and hardly discuss/share with any ,rather its astonishing that it may be that vast humanity having the experiences feelings about each other and with various sort of other organised or unorganized groups being in same trench,yet hardly expressed/understood in open and all as if drift toward that certainty with most hardened misery.

If we ponder  that crystallized thoughts/zeal behind forming of many societies/nations , it may appear that either deep rooted belief of some individual who have /gained anchor ship at that moment shaped the vision destiny of that society/nation.

Man as individual in day to day being in his organisation/family etc cant hardly grasp and understand what shape things may settle,as if human life float widely and impacted by vast elements of known/unknown elements ,yet as life unfolds pattern appears to be start forming to settle ones destiny.But it may not be feasible and for many neither be prudent enough to extracting meaning and understand and change course/direction of flows ,as said in some scriptures that all happens as per his wishes.

ONE WHO GETS HIS DOORS QUITE CLOSED AND VENTURE SELECTIVELY and another who believe in power of hope ,goodness and one who has no command of his own to understand or built any embankments,as if all flows toward setting of reality of different era for individuals,group,societies ,impacting to conclude of ones individual being to that feeling in far beyond realms.

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