Lead with purposeful vision not just objective.

The present and future of work is wrought with much complexities further tech has increased the clock speed of our lives.The old standard of Management to first and foremost stick and strive to achieve objectives have now somewhat got modified as change and uncertainties are so vast that objectives have also becoming ever evolving and dogma started to depict theory as to lead with purposeful vision.

The lifespan of product has become unpredictable,with fast changing technology,tastes,need,fashion etc ,therefore if organisation solely consider its objective to be market leader in particular segment and devote all resources and remains obsessive about its product ,such strategy could be disastrous in fast change rather now its necessary to have purposeful vision along with long term goals ,with constant reviewing and shifting/reinventing short term objectives.

A big investment could start to strain organisation at any moment with reasons so varied and unpredictable,change in taxation,dumping by other country,advanced version of product launched by competitor with price,therefore now leaders to lead organisation with a vision and open mindedness rather then to stick to rigid objectives.

The present era requires the mindset to live with uncertainty with ease by constantly watching evolving patterns and analyzing and preempting modification and change in strategy,product features to counter threats which may potential to ruin organisation.

All objectives toward various stakeholders could be met with a visionary management ,who built a suitable culture in organisation where it turns into live unit for discussions,exchange of ideas/threats rather monitoring of targets . It is more important to understand hindrances in path of targets may be poor morale,training,skills of employees or due to constant change in marketplace or due to strategy planned by company and its assumption are not standing in reality,all that need to be dealt with purposeful vision.

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