F O M O [Fear Of Missing Out]

In the age of continuous competition exacerbated by digital media ,many people are as if living under perennial feverish state of Missed Out or Gradually Missing Out ,despite all yet seems to lagging behind ,gulf/gap widening and no culvert seems visible to emancipate this murmuring dangling in senses/conscience.

It is jealousy at one end and self-pity /low self worth at the other end perpetuated by mental state aggravated  by digital media ,which many times contrary to its basic use cause /discourage sufficient/real engagement ,as people use Tech to define themselves high,may be false reality i.e trailer of ones good time and high points depicting them in perfect state.

Awareness is presumed to be ignited by social media ,which enable people to remain in constant contact with their social and professional network ,as relatedness or connectivity with others being legitimate psychological need ,yet it promote compulsive check-up for status update and messages,this new social anxiety is characterized by desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing .

Fear Of Missing Out F O M O is as if usual in this fleeting world winged by tech pricking emotions ,yet when on fertile ground it traverse path of steep gradient ,then loneliness,mood swing,feeling of inferiority   ,reduced self esteem ,extreme social anxiety,negativity ,depression etc arises to color the disturbed state of being.

F O M O  is as if a self regulatory state arising from situational or long term perception that ones needs are not being met ,it is therefore long term deficit in psychological need satisfaction.

F O M O is also defined as fear of regret ,which may stir various compulsive concerns and may tend to perpetuate the fear of having made wrong decision on how to spend time /money/resources/investment/employment /hobbies/friendship/companionship /expenditure etc and ultimately F O M O strengthen the feeling/apprehension that either one is not in the known or is out of touch with some social/professional events,experience,possession and interactions.

In the end ,a feeling of  RELATIVE DEPRIVATION dominates leading to imbibed dissatisfaction in peoples life/experience /surroundings,with self and others lead to deteriorating overall mood causing loneliness,boredom,phobia etc.

People grappling with F O M O might not be able to gauge /know exactly what they are missing due to overall negative state of being thereby transcending in state where F O B  O Fear Of  Better Option further adds to panic.

Advertising and Marketing people also tend to arouse or dissipate  FOMO by their catchy slogans-

‘Don’t be left behind’

‘Stay in charge’  ‘wake-up to life’ Man cant alone feel elevated by virtual interactions ,real world/real experiences are also real to corroborate ones understanding and making to judge and dispel ones fears ,that singe gradually ones outer/inner peace/being.

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