Double…Multiple…Compartmentalized Life.

Human entangled in multiple crisis,intermingling causes improper handling and lead to deepening of crisis,regardless of fact that one plays multiple roles or limited roles,one need to have command over the moment ,but many times one is not able to perform what needs must to be done at particular point ,may be because one is trapped in past or future or maze of uncertain confusion ,lack of will etc.

The mental discomfort /anxiety caused to a person having conflicting values ,cognition,emotion ,belief within themselves.Way out not that easy ,isolation separates thoughts from feeling and put-up into a mist of conflicts,compartmentalization separates different incompatible cognition from each other ,whereby everything must be classified into mutually exclusive and watertight categories ,compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exists by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self state.

It is basically separating one area of thoughts from another i.e leaving leaving family issues while in office and treating life relatively separate despite being in particular role /state of being etc  ,avoiding intermingling and just living each day till bedtime ,living in day tight compartment ,while on leisure travel ,one is in exclusive compartment of travel ,while in home living in home without any interaction and snooping from other compartments and so on.

Talking least about happening at workplace at home ,avoids office troubles to spoil your home environment and adverse impact on family members,otherwise also periods of low or high are usual in all professions.

One has to deal with every problem /crisis/situation ,there may be multiple crisis but one to move exclusively to task in front of him avoiding undue multitasking.

Leading celebrities/stars life could be examined to ascertain effectiveness of compartmentalization ,many having more than one family ,children,jobs,critics,fans,task,controversies etc,they have to deal with hordes of burning issues ,yet they maintain their equanimity ,multiple families,affairs,issues and do not carry/shift/burden /strain of one affair to another ,and tend to enjoy their being.

Noble people maintain silence ,they understand that things generally lies long inconclusive and to babble/boast about them spoils self equanimity/image and could have disastrous impact on others thereby spoiling equanimity of ones close circle,and to get in unending trap of suffering.

Human life in itself necessarily have multiple roles ,even if one do not add/create to it i.e son,daughter,student,parent,boss,husband,wife,friend,employee ,employer,actor,investor,planner etc ,at the same time human has multiple needs -recognition,income,love,worth,leisure,enjoy,stability,stress free ,understanding,exploring etc .One is in multiple roles and tackling with multiple needs simultaneously ,balance could be struck by compartmentalization.

Having control over how one separates ones life and thinking becomes habitual deed,leading to balanced stable family,career and health,avoiding impact of one over another.

The compartmentalization is certainly effective and achievable having multiple activities and day long schedules ,society also as if promotes compartmental,it in sense that childhood upbringing and social norms binds the thought process of individual creating compartments from early life thereby avoiding clashes in in ones cognitive beings.

Busy persons became busy because they understood early to create compartments ,they identify and embrace compartments in easy strides ,further resultant energy /jam packed schedules supports ones effort to succeed in creating perfect durable compartments,for others it is bit of effort to identify activities,devise schedules/events and build compartments to gain power/satisfaction of fulfillment /satisfaction of being and being busy worth fully.

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