Affluenza .

The task of surviving prosperity is much difficult and fraught with direct and indirect consequences and costs.
The humans are more adept in surviving adversity and various form of fine traditions prevail to ditch adversity onslaughts.
It is like comparing that human are more tilted to survive in negativity  and always seek and strive for positivity by all means I.e by. Self help materials and thriving Gurus ,making it one of the foremost part of service industry.
If we go through history/evolution of humanity then much was devoted/inclined toward finding and pursuing the course of/path of prosperity,so in ancient time one ruler tend to attack other as a short cut way to gain prosperity by looting the wealth of another nation, later on when long sea voyage became possible, adventureous civilization send their missionaries to capture wealth, labor and land ,so that they can gain prosperity and power.
The strong family tradition was fundamental core of many civilization and it was also a mean to face adversity together and personnel freedom and exaltations were no issues.
Further the stories of past miseries and to ensure their avoidance certain cultural traits were developed and various cults were formed and values were thrust upon its members, so that adversity avoided and family/groups etc tend to amass wealth for their posterity.
In the medain period of growth and rising prosperity, people were more concerned in competing to have tag of wealthiness and competing with all near and dear to get the satisfaction of being far ahead in race.
The humanity appeared to have little experience in task of surviving prosperity,by all self destructive acts like generation immense harm to nature ,weapons of mass destruction and ignoring ultimate contangious effects from have nots .
Affluenza and a state of it when becomes dominant then a paradoxical psychological state emerges in which lack of motivation becomes rampant and a state of isolation with bored feeling takes deep route,however affluenza being newer ailment ti humanity therefore how it would evolved and digested by civilization needs to be watched with curiosity.

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