People to take one more seriously.

The impact people generate is different,and consequent image is formed ,such prevalent notions about individual tend to perpetuate that one is defined and treated in particular way.
Ones stature,texture,nature,physical format etc is believed to impact the way a particular person is viewed,but it is not that simple,if we consider it in organization domain,where one has to lead and derive results ,generation of sound image that results in colleagues,bosses and all other concerned should take one seriously that will result in better task assigned,executed and to traverse growth path for self and organisation.
Just being intelligent is not enough ,one has to remain informed,nowadays possession of appropriate information is power to reckon with,further one need to be watchful toward ones behaviour and should discard making inappropriate comment and loose talks and further one need to be punctual and particular about all assigned task and interactions,avoiding meeting generate negative impact .
Communication with superior and juniors should not be avoided and handled in a way that generate goodwill and yield results.
The environment prevalent in individual formative years  impacts ones way of tackling issues ,may be in personnel,family or workplace life.Lonliful and depressed state in early age makes it difficult  to later  acquire skills of perfect interaction.
Consistency in ones mood and approach tend to generate confidence in people interacting with ,that result in ones presence making impact and absence making difference.
One need to be adaptable,as circumstances,issues tend to change fast,if one do not change ones stance and approach that suits to present reality ,one loses ones importance,may be in politics,business or social fields.
A positive aptitude and attitude toward life can’t be switched on and off as per ones aspirations to deal particular moment. Some tend to make life fast so that time passes fast and dont leave traces of boredom and uselessness as if attempting to generate all around confusion for self and others,basically in such mentality one is in acute grip of senselessness and tend to embrace obsessive passions,so that internal and external acrimonyy are avoided.

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