Never be slave of circumstances.



Definitely much tend to weigh near idealism,that appears certainly difficult ,may be even to masses but masses can also perceive that real solution may certainly nearer to it ,may be beyond ones reach. 
Circumstances are creation of circumstances that could be the precise explanation,yet one may physically circumscribed to situations/circumstances but yet metaphorically one can invoke to pervade that rainbow ,which in ultimate is essence of all 
Ones physical and mental wellness is not solely linked to circumstances,its more so comparison and healthy/unhealthy competition ,that generate the feeling of losing race.Solution may not lie in finding fault but reasonable assessment of circumstances because it may also be so that circumstances may show signs of improvement but always plunge into deeper circumstances.
It depends on one willingness to strive for changing circumstances,yet circumstances alone cant be leading factor of ones plight,circumstances are outside of ones being and it is allowed internal penetration by individuals,solace alone does not lies in single factor i.e material possession,silence of opposition,hitch free ride etc but its ones tendency to become slave of circumstances and giving up everything to it,alternatively despite all headwinds one can find few space to engage positively and not to embrace bondage of circumstances. 
Circumstances are sum products of multiple factors,which is beyond ones control and much created out of humans/individual/nation/society tendency to enrich self and to remain unconcern to its ill effect on masses,that to say tendency to remove one real or perceived pain at all costs and ignoring its impact on others,that to say a KING need a PALACE of such magnitude that large masses may not be even able to afford huts.Lack of basic inclusion has generated much adverse circumstances for masses but the included one also feel constant threat from the other larger part,which has been left to rot and now it has become so rotten that it may engulf all other remaining parts with them ,needless to much worry,much could be left to destiny and nature capacity to rise after and devastation.

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