STIMULUS is stimulating WHAT? [Part-1]


Artificial support is usually provided to terminal patient to gain some traction so that after it, normal course of treatment is applied to be able to achieve best possible curation available to one.Naturally one cant sustain for long on artificial support ,otherwise virtually it may lose existence.
The global economy is on steroids for long,yet sign of much revival not visible much-
It may be like that one who has achieved its limit is not ready to give up its past trend of increase,despite crossing its limit of expansion ,it yet want to grow as it did earlier.
Ideally it would been better strategy and acceptance of some sanity to see the NEW REALITY and leave this pursuit and indulge in other pursuit ,where target shifts from G.D,P growth to GROSS HAPPINESS GROWTH.
Further it needs to also be understood that now measurement of growth is not just merely physical ,material or service rather then it more lies in refinement of technology,which is increasing betterment of life for masses but not reflected in growth of G.D.P figures.But much to blame the animal spirit of human,which wants to go on to increase possession,balance sheets to grow each years,production,wealth in their bank accounts goes on ever increasing and not let that other really deprived persons to enter their exclusive clubs.
In a broader scenario when some parts reached somewhat  horizon then other parts be left to take up mantle,but merely insisting that all route to growth lies from some particular parts only is limiting growth even in other parts ,which has huge potential.
The population not growing,older peoples are increasing ,productive hands declining,real consumption class thereby sinking to new lows,even then economy is being provided huge accommodation to increase consumption and spur growth.


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