Leadership[high adversity quotient].

It is the term coined to test the individual capacity to respond productively in time of stress, willingness to go that extra mile that avoid collapse and make the difference .AQ include the level of control /extent to which leader is able to influence a situation positively and extent to which one control own responses and avoid panic from spreading and it also measures the extent to which one take personal responsibility for improving a given situation regardless of cause,it is not to indulge in blame game,and do not allow or how far one allow such adversity to impact other areas of work or life,the one who can balance thing avoiding severe impact has more chances/early chances of rebound,and the assessment of situation that how far it may last,and devising strategy to overpower it,leader,to become leader is a tough choice,usually it is guided by the instinct of ability/self establishment  by growing fast in an organisation.in societies.
 The leadership role provide power and the instinct of shaping/bettering other persons life and indirectly deriving all indirect benefits plus a fulfillment of passion to be recognize by a large populace.
leaders are said to be born and managerial qualities are supposed to be added at business school and by indulging in an organisation,
some times the task of leadership is thrust upon one ,when a organisation or a country in crisis ,but usually it is the mantle which is worn by one by all the leadership qualities .
The scholars have developed adversity response profile to measure persons response to difficulty-it include many question and based upon responses the ability of individual AQis assessed,
in the face of adversity,there are three type of person could be categorized -quieter,camper and climber. some of us fold the tent and quit at first sign of adversity,the most successful are climber keep climbing battling against opposition until succeed ,other find out their level of tolerance and their strength and limitations and learn to live in this range ,they are campers ,they tend to react range bound in adversity and wait for some line of action to evolve by larger participation and unfolding of things.
Many leaders wait for clarity in difficult times which result in status qua but lack of communication  from management is perceived as leaders being helpless and unable to do anything.the assessment should start at first instance and the co-operation and feedback from all levels be immediately be called.the surprise shock events in business are increased,the business become fast and globalized and to make the rival at unease due to unprecedented magnitude and timing and features.
Further the business is also impacted and difficult times generated by mishandling of economy,and the times turn out to be uncertain,and one need more skills today as unprecedented circumstances are tackled by unprecedented measures.
The real test of leader is in adversity,where all his skills are put to test ,be it professional ,personal else,first task in adversity is to control morale of employees,to sustain phase,search of way out,ensuring perseverance ,storing enough strength to rebound at first chance available,to constantly review situation and to have ears on ground is necessary. 
The leaders prove their mantle in highly competitive atmosphere,and ability to turn adversity into opportunity lies in genius of leaders.After all it is a competitive world and even there are many aspirant to get the status of leadership and one who has more qualities plus manipulative power usually get success.

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