Filling The Void

The understanding,
the similarities,
the familiarity,
the appeal,
the void space,
echoed and itched,
it dreamed,
it fantasized,
 a Face of one,
a feeling felt/shared,
just between two,
the coming appears,
coming of spring,
the long absence,
passing through deserts,
the saying matters,
but not much,
need was presence,
else is apparent,
the work lacks,
to convey desires,
the experience say,
where words fail,
to possess the feeling,
to store the feeling,
to capture the moment,
reverence for revered,
no much thought,
no much clutter,
no such expectation,
the yardstick of success,
the way of looking,
the void is filled,
the emptiness gone,
the dawn and dusk,
becomes more vivid.

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