Gross striking power/gross controlling product

The economy may grow at different rates in different part of globe ,and it has been observed by some that that as the innovation which has occurred in last 250 years may slow down in future,the major invention like -electricity,engine,net,telephone etc,which has changed the humanity much -such sort of invention are not visible in store now.

the part of globe which were lesser developed may try to catch up with the better one and hence the prospect of growth there may be better ,as huge expenditure in infrastructure ,education is required and the available hands to work are more and less easily available.
first of all that the innovation happening now may be SUBTLE and finer now,and the puzzle and answers to newer challenges are more daunting.
so far the growth attained and sustained by humanity is dependent upon the natural sources ,which might be facing depletion in future leading to scarcity ,the demand has gone up considerably as more part of globe are vying the same for improving their standard of living.,the challenges now lies in developing newer technologies ,which can reduce the use of natural resources and pollute the nature less.
further to fed the growth of human population in the globe the importance of improving yields in agriculture in all parts of globe is immense,the immense scope in research in curative medicines for humanity in clinical and non clinical ways ,as well as relating the nature/earth to space and universe.
the field of universe may have infinite possibilities ,it is said by some that the management books has not much changed in last 20 years ,further the all aspect of education needs much pondering, exploring and innovation in pure science and human science.
therefore the prospect of growth are available in all parts of globe and newer growth may be less in physical terms ,which is based on primitive consumption but would be based on finer/elite concerns.
the role model which was prevelent so far may also undergo change,the economies which were importing much may start exporting much ,by combining their talent ,land base and technology.,and the economies starved of technology,products may start importing more and change the view that they have taken to grow vie export route ,now they may understand that accelerating growth by increasing consumption of their own population is better way to grow,as the capital is not scarce resource,the scarcity is in the goodwill of economy,the weakness in its leadership/politics,because the currency is prited in press,which gets the value by the goodwill and credit of the issuing country.the future balance of power in the globe may gradually shift in favour of economies having having better striking power ,who can approach/appear at all part of globe /universe at need and are not dependent on human/ground forces/alliances /partners and the better striking power plus a vigilant/intelligence of their population /leaders may give immense controlling power.
to measure the growth of nation in future ,the parameter of only only increasing gross domestic product may not be useful ,but may more be measured by gross controlling power/gross striking power.



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