Addiction is sometimes considered a tool to help pursue the better aim unhindered,the mind be diverted away from all other apprehension and the target to be achieved/path to be followed be pursued and to be  in position to motivate self.
The addictions of different age spans are different ,they tend to modify according to time/age and generally one have multiple obsession ,what was the primary satisfaction at childhood is not same in adulthood and it may again align in old age,the circumstances,capabilities and relevances changes according to time.
Till one has not given up the addiction are some what more nearer to healthy/productive one,hence a addiction to never to give up is the founding launching of wortwhile addictions to make life liveable.  

The bubble forms and disappear,yet the tiny period of that bubble/disharmony and  to get through peacefully is of much importance.
The age of creature varies,yet the more cognitive species want that they stick to their coat throughout their existence .
The worries are many,hypothetical or real ,the mind swayed away by them and forget the important one,unnecessary the natural peace is lost,the weightage to be given to each thought/event need to be very well made part of the very programming of the functioning of the one.
Addiction to health/happiness is must and all rest are illusory,the means of addiction tried /implemented varies and human is intransient/the means also vary/re adjusted/tried again and again in search of a perfect combination,one should not allow the smaller waves to be the regular feature,
Different cultures have respondended differently to addiction,some culture has made the goal of family welfare of next seven generation as biggest addiction and some has left it out for even for ones lifetime ,to pursue the better addiction of self addiction .
the life needs a constant flow of lovable music,which is at the heart of one and which remain with one despite whatsoever are the circumstances as if the one understand and enjoy his addiction ,and is oblivious of others addiction of distraction .
The sound addiction has soundness and the deep addiction need to have depth,the addition adopted for escaping ,and for killing the moment has the risks associated with it.
Avoiding ones dreams/addictions from distraction and to remain on the track is the biggest challenges for one.
A man who becomes bothered by just barking of some dogs,what a pity,and what could be expected of such person,then the intoxication all turns into addiction,and one also need to learn the art of relinquishing gracefully,as when one feels that addiction has crossed its limit and becomes counter productive ,then its better to switch to other stock of addictions.
The fairy mates and the childhood muse could be the permanent companion ,now the science has discovered much,which makes quite clear that there is no vacuum ,as the signals can go to any corner of universe,and there is a invisible,sensitive particle ,which changes its color on being observed,as it has choice to react according to its and liking. 
Further all cells of body absorb/release chemicals/energymolecules,and the transporting agency has been found,so could be the case of mind,to keep it fit and young and in high spirits,the molecules conveying/dispersing right sort of molecules/chemicals need to be caught and adopted.
One may be alone ,the activities are low,the friendship is nill,the respect in family low,even then the one addiction of remaining happy need to be there .


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