The path to recovery

In life everybody faces setbacks and sometime setbacks are so huge that the path to recovery becomes a tedious task.Man sometimes is born with certain ailments -physical or mental -and after entering into the humans world-the path to recovery depends on man’s luck
One is in the mess and no sign of recovery are anywhere visible but there is no impact on the cruel world and it is going on its own speed.
The collective will of human make history and brought significant changes but the collective pain of so many human’s never or hardly being heard and hardly causing changes in the way the affairs of world are conduted -who to blame in this marketing era,the more are the needs the better is the business even if it is conducted on the living dead man,
Why the noise of collective pain of humans not make difference -no answer seems to be there,apart from this that when the creator who is both father and mother has no botheration then why anybody else may bother.
There is no path of recovery,man has uncovered so many secrets yet the very simple secrets are nowhere close to being discovered.The one who is struggling since birth on the recovery path have a daunting task as outside world is hardly sensible to it and hardly bothers to assist other on the path of recovery.
in the history the individual pains are glorified and made the part of reverence for humanity and remain so deep routed in the psyche of humans that he is motivated to revenge for that immortal pain whereas the suffering of neighborhood is hardly heard.
the one was average at birth yet one take up finer later on and the one brilliant lags behind in the pool of uncertainties the humans have the capacity to fight back the deceases ,the immune system help prevent and fight back the malice,the circumstances and habit of ones cause the onslaught of viruses with diseases ,the fight goes on,the need for relaxation is if fulled properly than much is left behind after waking up,the debris need to be left behind,the smell of better part stored and avoiding taking chances,thereby allowing things to take its natural course is needed.
the scars of  imagination and events be passed as event is passed,to cling with the past is not desired rather one may feel as if a going concern where changes are regular and shape and form keeps on changing.
the persistence and being involved fully in the task to let see it reaching its logical conclusion,the satisfaction is derived in fully being involved and the blame part may lessen,when one is not fallen the recovery is already there,the tasking of activities of much importance ,the marks left ,here and there on ground and subtlety ,the satisfaction should be derived and felt more .     

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