As if human becoming machine.

Basically everything in world is machine i . e natural machines or man made machines as if machine made by machines.

What prompted human to make machines is feeling /experiencing limitations within human machine functionality. Human memory is limited and its retrieval at requirement is uneven , further human at a moment can pay attention to limited spheres , further diversion in human happens frequently by factors beyond control or by being embroiled in traps either self created or accidental occurrence or planned traps.

To enhance ones capacity and to get things which do not occurred due to divine grace , wishes for being powerful , having comfort and entertainment , rather than being slave of particular cultural malaise.

Yet despite genuine curiosity and needs invented machines with aim to get protection which was as if being provided by almighty through machines and to overcome limitations of human machines.

But as if gradually the basic element of artificial machines started to penetrate human being and they are starting to experiencing differently like machines , their intelligence and its ramifications are being just like machines.

Man was supposed to be social animal but now one is more so limited in four walls of AI or bricks , they are travelling to view natural beauty or archeological structures , but feeling generated nowadays is more so casual without emotion and awe , as if all was destined and gradually becoming more friendly to chat bots.

Earlier human tried to gain sensation/feeling naturally now human resort for such all things through machines and they pray and pray that make them fully engrossed and extremely tired so that human machine can pervade for long in silence devoid of undesirable sweeping memories while sleeping, no needs for dreams , all answers lies with machines.


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