A remarkable , so far with no absolute parallel Artificial Intelligence tool , which has taken world by storm and became fastest growing app and just see debate it has generated and concerns expressed from every sphere of human society , be it top educational institute , renowned personalities , legal , govt , corporate domain all worried about its implication , consequences , survival etc and above all pondering how human evolution may further take place , may be because all existing evolution theories cant predict much as if they were not designed to predict human evolution with machine as natural not surreal partner.

Now gathered concern/issues appears like – 1 . It is updated with data up to 2021 and will need updation 2 . It may impact human creativity 3. May not be accurate always 4. Job losses/economic impact 5. Future of search engines 6 Impact on education system and corporate working etc

Further many other concerns which may prove more lethal has not be trending now but new and newer concerns may emerge from time to time and with all these in minds govt across continent are visualizing newer regulatory framework to put it into frame.

Now if we analyze human response mechanism , it contains millions of sensation, experience , events and day to day reel of life of which no meaning was derived but at any situation which ghost appears to form action in current moment cant be predicted . Human while in present deciding a matter or taking action certainly rely on its stored data of decades but unlike machine human brain cant coherently gather and analyse that huge data , with poor memory/retrieval mechanism and Chat GPT has lesser handicap in this regards.

With regard to its updating time to time , it appears to be of no big concern , it may be addressed by linking Chat GPT with any or multiple constant data sources , hence may get auto updation , for example linking with search engines or different / divergent sources of information.

Now with regard to creativity of human , it can have implications any sides , brighter minds may excel in their work because to form a draft report of any consequence/significance available in moments and time/energy saved is immense and now bright mind can produce results , which were not so far possible/feasible.

Now much is said about erroneous material produced by Chat GPT , but we must note that data stored in human mind is much more prone to provide wrong answers, information and generate actions because human psychology in unpredictable and without any rationality will generate wrong action , like happening in present world , human fighting/reacting/sabotaging its own roots and of its race. Due to habitual, emotional tendencies.

Now a very out of context/prudence it could be dwelled to comprehend/dreamt that unlike many ideologies etc prevalent in human world , these type of app could be fitted with some core understanding so that it may not generate totally absurd answers , because a basic sense of understanding will always lie with it , whether issue being replied by it is totally new.


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