Peak of feeling fearless fear .

Sailors are making all efforts to sail the boat ,

Yet, boat is drifting/adrift in mid sea ,

The boat is hit by curses,

It is sinking since the moment it was launched into sea ,

To welcome with calmness in otherwise rough sea ,making the landing dangerous,

Floating without direction,

The circular wind blows hard and ship starts rushing deep into abyss ,

And endless journey to bottom,

Yet by miracle tide starts turning milder and milder and reached to the point as if nothing occured /happened ,

Scars of those horrific moments ,as if can’t be healed ,

Visible scars may be healed but invisible deep scars as if becomes immortal and gradually tightened their hold ,

And a ghost now live behind that face ,

As if always in deep abyss of which bottom is faraway still to be reached,

Waiting for the day when some Angel will appear with the hope that salvage not feasible,

Yet to push to final bottom , the peak of feeling fearless fear.

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