As long as something works ,why fix it.

Hegemony going up , evenly or unevenly ,

It was set up by default or some shrewd manipulation ,

by careful consideration or just causally ,

It worked advantageously to self but sometime destructive to other ,

It worked as one was gaining by hegemony and others had no option , but to bear the sardonic attitude mix with whims and prudence of its leaders and elite,

When grave circumstances prevailed that hegemony provided route to divert it,

Why to fix it , till it works ,

No other capable to take that hegemony status nor the one having status able to maintain it ,

Why to fix until it works ,

And one day the world may turn flat with no dictating force ,

Like in earlier era , small primitive tribal groups pervades with dictating leaders ,

Prolong it as long as possible ,

All forces scattered with no mutual trust ,

Hence fixing issue no priority ,

As if until huge sacrifices made to understand even by majority ,

Some waiting for that moments when hegemony loosened and to cash it in , by being early starter in newer order .


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