Auction Of Emotions .

The ground wasn’t fertile , with scorched patches in abundance ,

As if all was mess inside , with abundant physical weakness added to mental ones ,

With guards never facilitating smooth ploughing , engrossed in their labyrinth ,

Yet time moved , dull albeit spring knocked superseding whatever happened/impacted ,

Caught/got attention of auctioneer of emotion on what appeared to be safe bidding target , with no much collateral damages anticipated ,

The turf was smudged amidst bewilderment , even myriad of disillusionment cant douse any illusions ,

Absent thoughts roaring and sabotaging to derail all attempts of venturing forwarding on track ,

In the marketplace of life , some tried to evoke dreams as if proposing to put a lid on past mess and open new one ,

And smoothly allowed auctioneer to penetrate in and as always to happen in such eventualities , it all turn into enigma .

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