Ineffable Realm .

Reality is difficult to be perceived homogenously by different people facing same situation/circumstances ,as if reality outruns capacity of human to analyze/visualize and describe it uniformly , therefore individual reality is also beyond complete comprehension and to describe in words perfectly .

Therefore some advise to explore beyond intellect , the possibility of idolizing the ultimate depends upon construction of logic that can reach all way to heaven , the difficulty arise because ultimate or true nature of reality lies beyond categories of thought i e range within ones dwells all internal / external happenings.

Human life oscillates between love and hate , some have sought to analyze it and others have preferred to leave it in the realm of ineffable , it is a constant theme of maturing life and vibrant for youth . usually are irrevocably affected and touched by extreme love/hate which has turned into episode of lifetime , some have sought to analyze it , others have preferred to leave it in the realm of ineffable , such exasperating doldrums have been mainstay of philosophy . Materialistic conception of physical phenomenon – an animalistic or generic urge or intensely spiritual affair to touch divinity , by a series of elevations transcend sensual attractions like two bodies one soul ,heaven / human nature / desire / ethics so on cannot be described in rational or meaningful proposition .

Love/hate a passionate intense desire we truly generate for beauty on this Earth can hardly be truly satisfied .Sometimes reciprocity not necessary , that is at once a fondness / passion without necessity of reciprocity .

Philosophies of languages and theories of emotion plays their role , when a flower in naivety gets caught in web of distraction of which was not aware then entanglement sows deep and even after detachment it occupy abstract space in mind/thoughts.

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