Instant Gratification .

The value of time has and its limited availability in present times amid explosion of activities and infinite options for gratifications has changed the way gratifications/experiences are solicited . The increase in activities has changed way in which result of activities analyzed .

With man involved in multiple activities , therefore it becomes difficult to attribute gratification or dissatisfaction to particular activity but yet human crave for gratification from individual endeavor also for example if man eating multiple cuisine in row then even if first ate burger than would like to have instant gratification from it before proceeding to pizza and to feel its unique instant gratification.

Time has turned so is patience decreasing rapidly with competition heating up all around resulting in multiple options and drawing attention of seeker on social media instantly hence one desire instant realization failing which will try another option and in this mad race brands are forced to align their product ingredient in such a way that same provide instant hit to user and may not provide desired nutritional and other benefits as intended therefore sacrificing its impact and benefits after instant gratification gone . Instant gratification as names implies passes instantly after its instant impact therefore paving way for experiencing another gratification.

Waiting for better and lasting experience , such themes do not attract people in present times much , short and concise therapy that is trend and in prevalence today , its also that in present times with help of artificial intelligence , internet etc , the vast knowledge is available instantly , and further summary , analyses , comments of reputed persons available , therefore obliviating the need to study , comprehend in detail, draw summary or to visit and live long in seminary to get that skills set . Yet understanding has become easier but experiencing it that require time , instant gratification may satisfy urge quickly for the moment and of the moment but binding experience and forming habits that may realize utility/futility of instant gratifications has lose its significance .

Now people cherish instant and varied experiences not that dull and slow/steady experiences that sort of earlier one causing and feeling generating wistful and nostalgic has become irrelevant , after all humanity rising above those petty bonding’s and sensations that build’s shackles around body and soul.

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