False Hope Syndrome .

To have a positive attitude is nice , but being extremely positive without reasonably evaluating its pros and cons may result in accelerated despair later .

Day dreaming does not help to face reality and feeling that ones own version as correct is not always tenable , one cant have all facts about something , it may not be feasible for individual ,further interpreting information correctly is always not possible because of own biases and having limited / different horizons .

In certain societies there is some ingrained traits in many people for perpetually repeatedly nurturing false hopes. Simply by performing certain rituals one may achieve desired result may result in false hope syndrome , without proper preparation after evaluating success chances etc may lead to fairly ascertaining reasonable chances of getting success.

Desired results are obtained by meticulous calculation about scenario , than evaluating alternatives thereafter selecting one with simultaneously having plan B . THEREAFTER EXECUTION WITH PERFECT DILIGENCE IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS , even a good plan may collapse due to poor executions . execution and constant monitoring make big difference in yielding results.

A notion that by appeasing some present or past authority may yield result is not consistent with firm footing on ones mental make up ,excessive and undue hope leads to multiple failures and drowns person in pool of fatalism with no mean left to get out of it .

Certainly everything is not in hand of man despite best efforts and setbacks are part of life , but not losing momentum is necessary and having healthy state of existence is vital for extorting pleasures from life.

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