When there was no technology.

Some memories becoming too heavier ,

making one off – balance ,

Technology has changed drastically but man not changed much ,

Teaching of that time still relevant and sacred ,

when there was zero technology ,

It seems man has not changed ,

the primal instinct fly high ,

Suddenly an advertisement of monk propped up ,

ventured to his camp ,

learned / taught to remain present in this moment , no past no future ,

fear / aloofness started to pour in ,

loneliness reaching to its phoenix ,

That baggage , the repertoire of memories , if that goes …

a big vacuum engulfed with isolation / deadliness and its awning spreading ,

Hell-Hounding loudly from all direction ,

get rid of all these therapies and courses ,

In all appears that …

what existed was be better illuminated ,

rather attempting blazing happiness ,

The decades of debris got so much fixed ,

that removing something and filling stillness ,

Or attempting renovation / modification ,

nothing appears feasible as end draws closer .

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