Reality of one and all

One is shaking , not the surrounding ,

It appears to one that everything shaking ,

But it is reality to one only , not reality of masses ,

They perceive according to whirlpool surrounding them ,

Why am one shaking ,

The internal mechanism deteriorating ,

Outside pressures hitting hard ,

What makes one feel shaking in control ,

Beyond control to shake and shake ,

until feeble structure left behind

in the lap of unknown,

As if outer air has become alien to one,

After a long stint in isolation ,

now outer exposure causing sneezing

and generating all alien feelings ,

Shaking in colors and twinges,

causing strange nostalgia of very existence of all surroundings ,

as if lost all meaning , shaking vehemently

to merge in wobbling/vibrating universe ,

That may contain something of misery.

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