Mind set of 21st century.

It appears as if that technology is gradually moving firmly in 21st century yet human mindset is floating in multiple horizons . At one end there may be huge island of ignorance and there fruits of technology are being enjoyed in limited extent and yet not impacted their mindset and as if they see it just as a extension of facilities perfectly result of prevailing mindset.

As if 21st century has dawned but mindsets of different centuries are floating in the minds of creator ,protector ,booster, nourisher of this technological advancements . And if both do not align then where this century is heading , just bizarre , as if monarch heading its empire in two continents with all cutting edge technologies to lead in 22st century in pocket doddering in past which does not exists , the boundaries are melted and pains of earlier century vanished but with leaving its silhouetted firmly in place , in this century boundaries of past culture , footprints of past generation of our families are deeply vanished in layer of dust engulfing it and what utmost matters now is that a common mindsets prevailing around that part of world in 21st century which has ushered in it completely awakened.

Now how at this century whether it matters that who control a part of land administratively , when everyone is everywhere with no trenches of any sort forbidding anything and all are one . Now take an different example where another monarch without controlling the land of world administratively and limitedly submerged in past losses to be retrieved is virtually and in reality controlling and extracting all gains from all part of worlds and no one much is causing hindrance and even most are facilitating his outreach.

It appears as if a pale mentality ,a self destructing thought process where no path moves in linear pathways and so some are desperately crying and trying to pull back transcending in 21st century and ordering the world that if you want to move into 21st century then grants all reins in our hand and recognize us satisfy our egos else they would act without bothering of consequences and may usher world readily into 18th century.

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