Aesthetic denial of material development.

In some part of developing world power is grabbed and perpetuated not by creation/accumulation /distribution of material wealth to public but by aesthetic denial of material development. Even in present times its continuing to be most effective weapon of retaining power without challenges and getting worshipped . Leaders of these parts of world as if do not like to improve education / literacy etc rather they want to establish in public that any other development is not worth , apart from their being and state of life established long back in history. Hence no material change in effected among people living-the same poverty , malnutrition , corruption , caste and creed privilege’s continuing since eternity.

By denying material development public thinking/thought and acceptance/psychology will remain static in this ever wobbling/moving Earth.

And another important aspects to gain paramount/perpetual surrender to eternal fate is to color the denial of material wealth/development by giving aesthetic taste to perpetuity and its worth, beauty and divine blessing. They are critical of attempts to limit aesthetic experience solely to the domain of fine arts and no rethinking experience along naturalist lines as an interaction between the organism and its environment as opposed to discrete sensory unit such as stimulus, impression, idea etc instead of understanding how our senses are in touch with reality and whether they represent correctly.

As per their reading of Darwin theory of evolution and block the way in which experience is formed as part of a natural process to which human being is fundamentally tied by blocking any discrete stimuli floating from other region lands there .and that sense /stage of fulfilment is never disturbed by evolution of interaction between organism and environment and maintain the importance of rhythm to peoples psychic lives , both in perception and expression and let flow its most intimate states /emotions in that old rhythmic form and to block to penetrate into the hidden meaning of things by rendering peoples faculties stable .

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