How to be mindful.

The world is getting complex day by day and solutions/problems getting complex despite artificial intelligence , machine learning and extremely fast data analytics .

Despite huge progress to address the wellbeing of humankind in present times ,suffering as if remains permanent human condition at least since human race ascended from apes, i e all is suffering , implies that our lived life is fraught with pain and misery. Even what we call happy and content moments are beset with painful awareness that they would soon come to and end.

The basic reason behind failing to comprehending solution may be that we can’t comprehend problem in true sense so that solutions could be visualize that are in right direction. Often human mind floats in varied directions and one live/listen in present moment to an extent only and multiple thoughts and imaginations don’t let it concentrate and comprehend problem so that solutions could be seen vividly ,conscientiously .

Self-help doctrine is based on principle that -there can be no universal solution to individual human problems as each mans problem is unique in its own way and as such , one has to face and dissolve his problems by himself , and accordingly has to find out the solution on his own.

But above doctrine does not appears to be fully correct , as presently more than 8 billion people reside on Earth and innumerable human being have taken birth on Earth since start of life and its evolutions , and how could be so many unique problem for each individuals . Basically problems are not unique to each individual being and it is the emotional level , genetics and environments etc that causes a single problem being viewed differently by billions of people ,and much also differs between viewing and feeling because inner demons distort viewing and propound different narrative despite viewing alike.

The way prognosis of problem is done eventually leads to quality of solution , everything can be problem and nothing may be it depends on one comprehension and narrative and the temperature of ever rumbling volcano inside.

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