After months of quiet ,calm sleep,

added by sedatives and modern mood enhancers,

forgetting all quaint and curios lore ,

It turned out to be dreary midnight,

descending from heaven to hell,

Suddenly tapping and rapping around me at hoary midnight,

after months of plain sleep

added by anti anxiety etc dispeller,

claiming to be dispeller of darkness,

like/unlike sad guru,

as if some devil , all the flying cinders,

presenting a surreal performance mingled with extra ordinary senses,

Gleaning i prayed for tomorrow , wishing to ending sorrow with my created companions,

sorrow for idealized Lenore ,

ordeal repeating with intermittent passing of time , but barely an hour passed ,

But the turbulence was unbroken,

And no modicum of stillness ,

What Echo ,

like volcano erupted ,

after remaining idle by force or whims,

rustling is more than winds , far more ,

confused wandering mind operating whimsically at midnight awakening unconsciousness,

retuned to original world giving up clutches,

drawing a lesson that neither this helps or not that,

under the whims of time,

as if it manifest at its whims evaluating past , or just co incidents,

where is one in control of anything,

yet chanting happy gurus,

that forgetting the pain.

Everything is transitory.

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