The Joy Of Loitering.

Sans purpose, what else remains ,not like that , had great purposes but ultimately realizing futility of all purposes , when the initial step ,certainly first step ,which ought to out of naivety got full of blunders.

Blunder a hoax , the great key words provided by almighty to start journey of life was set with all defaults , why no questions be asked , just thank that at least one capable to ponder on it , yet sometime it appears that journey with fixed cart would have been great with no freedom to loiter to ponder on his design mistake while crafting an individual with abilities and disabilities .

Loitering in sunshine , darkness, grey skies in tidy ,untidy self and surrounding to get rid of past and future , with focusing on current moment with meditative somberness which gradually starts descending into nothingness that all matters within the confines of skeleton.

With rid of all secrets , relinquishing burden of alibis and burying of all debris and caches accumulated since the organic device get functioning ,that supreme belief that even mighty powers or powerful venturing with no default option got stuck in gates of Ukraine . as if digestive power after digesting great stuff lose all is vitality unless refurbished by passing again through dirty lanes of foolishness , where the prevalence of minimum security concept of socialism dawned by concept of elite economics maximum security .with all headlong for removing that quagmire accumulated .

After wandering of lifetime , now , remains much to accumulates threads which got enlivened from its morgue . trying on remaining cinders to take shape of flame that appeared to needed for eternal peace ,which might lies in only moments.

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